Lucky Apple Restaurant

Lucky Apple in the Netherlands is world cuisine at its best. A spacious new restaurant magnificently decorated with IVC LVT and carpet tiles.

  • Location: Tilburg (NL)
  • Sector: Hospitality & leisure
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles, Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Surface: 725 m²

Worldly design at all-you-can-eat restaurant Lucky Apple

‘Lucky I’m here!’ is the phrase written in grand, elegant letters in the lobby of Lucky Apple, a world cuisine restaurant in the Dutch city of Waalwijk. And it’s not a lie: with its unique circular shape and distinctive interior design, the restaurant is a magnet for foodies and design lovers alike. From the sky-high ceilings to the breath-taking IVC flooring, one “taste” and you’ll be smitten …

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Not just another buffet restaurant

Lucky Apple serves its guests a wide variety of the world’s favourite dishes, all freshly prepared and tailor-made to fit the restaurant’s 90-metre buffet counter. The all-in eatery counts over 400 seats spread over 2 floors, resulting in 1,800 m² of space for food sharing and live cooking sessions. As an ambitious space to furnish and decorate, it was the ideal challenge for Art 2 Go Interior Projects, who topped off the interior design scheme by combining IVC LVT and carpet tiles.

A warm welcome

The unique features of the building allowed the Art 2 Go designers to really think out-outside the box. The result: an eccentric design completely in line with the global feel of the restaurant. Each space is represented by a distinct IVC flooring design, yet the different materials and colours blend to create a stylish look and feel. The design team opted for a stunning Shades 62220 parquet design from the Moduleo 55 Expressive LVT collection for the entrance area. An instant crowd pleaser, oozing charm and good vibes.

Majestic dining

In the circular dining area, Mystical 71857 triumphant textures and Ceppo 46151 spotted design, both from the Moduleo 55 Expressive LVT collection, meld impeccably. The natural appeal of wood, beach stones and pebbles give the room a modern and sophisticated look.

Subtle shades of grey complete the warm atmosphere and match well with the sleek abstract design of Chrome 7992 from the Matrix 70 collection. It’s impossible to resist its stunning metallic effect! For maximum acoustic comfort, the top floor is equipped with Metallic Path carpet tiles.

A critical eye for a stylish finish

To highlight the grandeur of the building even more, the designers used a mixture of blue and copper accents, giving the space its magnificent finishing touches.