Mix ‘n match flooring designs: three awesome plank combinations

Are you looking for new ways to make your interior design project stand out? Why not try experimenting with carpet planks: their unique combination of shape, texture and patterns opens up endless possibilities. These are some of our favourites.

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Step one : use colour to evoke emotion

A unicolour floor? Boring! Why not change it up a little by mixing and matching different-coloured planks for a fun and vibrant effect? You can even literally brighten someone’s day: colours have a proven effect on emotional wellbeing. So, if you want to create a peaceful space, try infusing it with calming hues of blue, for example. Or, work some red tints into your project to stimulate creativity.

What’s more, you can add different angular shapes and rich carpet tile textures by changing up the type of plank you use or placing them in a different way. After all: just because you chose a plank, doesn’t mean you have to stay in line.

Step two: section off spaces with carpet tiles and vinyl

Want to take your interior design project to the next level? Try combining different flooring solutions, like carpet tiles and LVT or heterogeneous vinyl. What’s more, using multiple types of flooring can have practical benefits as well. For instance, it’s perfect for sectioning off meeting spaces in your open office without using walls or large pieces of furniture. This clever interior design trick was used in the offices of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Dublin. By combining two different types of carpet tiles, they optimised the spatial division of the office – because design is even cooler when it’s functional!

Step three: Influence the atmosphere with geometric shapes

Design awesome geometric shapes for a floor that’s bound to leave a lasting impression. By combining rectangular carpet planks with square carpet tiles that are perfectly dimensionally aligned, you can make even more fun and exciting patterns. Turn your floor into a playground for geometry and design!

In fact, it’s even possible to use geometric shapes to influence the atmosphere of a room. If you want to suggest order, reliability and stability for example, it’s best to incorporate squares into the flooring design. Time to get creative!