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Clay Create 872

Clay Create is a playful random lay pattern that echoes the material’s artistic side with a shifting colour gamut that adds exciting transition possibilities to mix and match Rudiments installs.


  • Pile fibre composition: 100% Solution Dyed Nylon
  • Construction: Tufted 1/12 gauge loop
  • Norm: EN1307

EcoFlex™ Statera 7,10 mm 4500 g/m²


  • Tile 25 x 100 cm
  • Tufted 1/12 gauge loop
  • 600 g/m²


  • 100% Solution Dyed Nylon
  • EN1307


  • Bfl-s1
  • 33 / LC1
  • A: Intensive use
  • ≤ 0,20 %
  • 5E8698AB

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