Creating zones and adding warmth at British Horseracing Authority

A range of Belgian made Carpet Tiles, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl Tiles are helping to define zones and add a layer of warmth within the open plan offices of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

  • Location: London
  • Sector: Office
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles, Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Surface: 1.325 m²

A layout to reflect interior architecture

Specified by Think Inside, a workplace design and build specialist, the flooring layout of BHA’s London offices reflects the interior’s angular architecture.

Working areas and meeting rooms take full advantage of the comfort of Carpet Tiles. Designed and made in Belgium, the Rudiments collection features heavily with the popular Clay and Basalt designs used across congregation, desking and meeting rooms.

Basalt takes the lion’s share of duties in desking and congregation areas with Think Inside defining relaxed seating areas by a contrasting colour of the same design. In meeting rooms, the random lay Clay carpet plank carries out flooring duties. As part of the Rudiments collection, Clay and Basalt are designed to be mixed and matched together, bringing a sense of balance to the floor.

Think Inside has also chosen our award-winning Imperfection carpet planks, utilising Rupture to bring a premium aesthetic. Inspired by the Japanese golden lacquer repair technique of kintsugi, Imperfection is made with ECONYL®  regenerated nylon.

Practical advantages

The practical advantages – scratch and stain resistance, durability and easy cleaning – of our Luxury Vinyl Tiles have been chosen for thoroughfare, kitchen and breakout areas.  Moduleo Roots 55’s relaxing Laurel Oak design is installed herringbone throughout the reception, to zone thoroughfares and selectively break up the open plan space. In combination with the smart grey Rudiments carpet tiles, Laurel Oak creates a smart yet welcoming floor layout.

Think Inside has also harnessed our Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl Tiles in a concrete look for kitchen and dining zones – the Loose Lay specification makes for a level height to carpet tiles to maintain profile-free transitions between flooring materials. Eliminating profiles helps to create a high-quality and purposed look that belies the complexity of the floor layout.

Think Inside, says: “The Holborn offices of British Horseracing Authority are fairly open plan and set within an interior of angles and hard lines. Rather than fight that, we’ve created a flooring design that synergises with this, using it to clearly define areas of use, while adding a warmth to the space through the comfort of carpet tiles and the welcoming herringbone oak effect of LVT. IVC Commercial allowed us to achieve this multi-material specification within budget while maintaining a high quality of finish.”

Our flooring solutions were installed by specialist contractor Paramount Flooring.