Acoustic flooring: a sound choice for renovations

Found an old building with tons of charm that needs some work? Selecting the right flooring for your renovation can give your project the facelift you’re looking for. Topping the bill: acoustic flooring solutions that combine stunning good looks with amazing sound reduction. Here’s why we believe an acoustic floor is the way to go.

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Raise the sound standard of your renovation project

Unlike in new constructions, acoustics often aren’t structurally integrated into old buildings that are up for renovation. At that stage, an acoustic floor can make an enormous difference, particularly in social or student housing, but also in restaurants, hotels and shops. Additionally, these floors are also strong heat insulators, resulting in lower energy consumption and a positive impact on the environment. What’s not to love?

Tackle sound in all directions

The best part about acoustic floors is that they soundproof your renovation project on two fronts: transmission sound and reflective sound. This means it will both ensure that noise doesn’t reverberate around the space itself, and also that it doesn’t transfer through to the rooms below. Rest assured: with an acoustic flooring solution, all your bases are covered!

Both silent and stunning

But it doesn’t stop at technical benefits. Acoustic flooring solutions come in a variety of beautiful designs as well! Whether you go for carpet tiles, LVT or heterogeneous vinyl, you’re bound to find a colour or pattern to suit your renovation. From colourful carpet tiles in an office space to stylish wood-patterned LVT planks in an apartment building, acoustic flooring listens to and meets your project’s needs.