ReCover recycling and re-use program for flooring

A new life for floors

As part of our drive to 100% product circularity, ReCover aims to maximise the amount of material that we recycle into new floors. The program gives us a way to collect off-cuts and old floors to be recycled or re-used. And by making floors that are easier to recycle through click and loose lay technologies, the impact of ReCover is improved.

ReCover recycling process for heterogeneous vinyl and luxury vinyl tiles

1 - Collecting
After installation or at end-of-life, off-cuts and old floors are collected into bags or on pallets. The customer contacts us to arrange collection

2 - Transport
Depending on what we’ve collected, we bring the waste back to our recycling centres, or send it to one of our partners.

3 - Sorting
Before the collected materials are ready for recycling, they will be sorted and cleaned before being shredded and recycled.

4 - Recycling
The action or process of converting waste into reusable material.

  • At our own recycling plant or external recycler.
  • Destination recyclate:
    • Raw material for new floorings.
    • If too contaminated or not REACH compliant, it’s turned into raw material for road furniture.

5 - New floors
The recycled material is used as raw material for new vinyl floors.

6 - Other applications
Because some post-consumer floors can’t be recycled into new flooring because they are not REACH compliant, we’ll find other applications such as footwear, street furniture and outdoor tiles.

ReCover re-use process for carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles

1 - Collecting

- The post consumer floor is placed on pallets and robustly shrink-wrapped with a plastic foil.
- The carpet tiles are stacked 4 piles to a pallet
- The customer contacts us for the collection of the goods.

2 - Transport

- Transport is organized by us.
- The post consumer floor is shipped to a by IVC determined re-use partner.

3 - Sorting

- Before the goods get a new life, they are sorted by hand. They are selected on external specifications and other product specifications such as the click profile or backing.

4 - Cleaning

- Before the floors can be re-used, they are cleaned. This ensures that the floors are almost as new.

5 - New life

- The re-used floors are either donated for social re-use or sold by our specialized re-use partner.

How does ReCover work?

For post installation waste (off-cuts)

ReCover can take back any off-cuts of IVC Commercial floors.

  • Inform us that you want to be part of the ReCover program
  • You will receive a form by Custom Service
  • Complete the form and order your bag together with your new floor
  • The bag arrives on site with your floor
  • Place your off-cuts in the bag and palletise, keeping the bag clean and dry at all times – there’s handy instructions included
  • Once the project is finished or your bags need collecting, send an email to to arrange shipment
  • The pallets will be collected and sent for recycling
  • A certificate will be provided with the equivalent of CO2 saved by recycling or Re-use

For post-consumer waste

ReCover can reclaim the following used floors: carpet tiles (also non IVC carpet tiles), luxury vinyl tiles excluding permanently glued down luxury vinyl tiles and heterogeneous vinyl excluding permanently glued down heterogeneous vinyl and heterogeneous vinyl with a textile backing.

  • Inform us that you want to be part of the ReCover program
  • We’ll carry out a site inspection and provide you with a quotation
  • Sign-up to the ReCover agreement
  • The old floor needs to be strapped down on pallets, keeping it dry at all times
  • When the pallets are ready for shipment, email to arrange collection
  • The pallets will be collected and sent for processing
  • A certificate will be provided with the equivalent of CO2 saved by recycling or Re-use

ReCover reference cases

Vaccination centre Belgium

During the pandemic, the Belgian government setup vaccination centres in a range of public buildings, such as a 2.000 m² site in Bruges (Belgium). To protect the original floor from damage during this temporary use, heterogeneous vinyl from IVC Commercial was installed loose lay so it could be easily reclaimed and recycled through ReCover.

Fairland Studios in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands

In the heart of Vlaardingen, near the river Maas, temporary ready-to-use residential studios have been developed by Fairland Studios. The 318 studios make comfortable living possible at a fair price and are equipped with a private bathroom, kitchen and balcony with a total surface area of about 27 m². A total of 8.000 m² of vinyl flooring was installed with some 1.000 kg of cutting waste being recycled into raw material for the production of new vinyl flooring.

Would you like to know more about ReCover?

Please, send an e-mail to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.