How augmented reality will make interior design bigger and bolder

In the coming years, augmented reality is bound to revolutionise the lifestyle world. We can already see the first glimpses of it, in Instagram and Snapchat filters for example, but also in a professional context. Take the interior design scene or the real estate sector: major architect firms are using augmented reality to showcase spatial planning and new textures or colours using a building’s pre-existing structure. But the best is yet to come.

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Instant happiness with a variety of colours and motifs

We predict a bright future for augmented reality, where it’s bound to take interiors by storm. The technology will allow you to explore a whole new world of colours, patterns and shapes and fill unique spaces with a collage of digital and analog objects. In fact, some even say virtual furniture or decorations will be the showstoppers of future interiors. Who knows?

Pink, the latest basic colour

One thing’s for sure: the potential of digital technology is almost limitless. And because it opens up the freedom to experiment, we believe augmented reality will push you to use even more saturated, bright colours. Colour-blocking, bold graphical patterns and happy-go-lucky interiors await! Our favourite? These interiors use IVC’s Moduleo 55 Desert Crayola as a pink base colour to experiment with bright pops of green, yellow and blue.