BIOLOGICAL: reconnecting with nature via interior design

More and more people have busy lives that unfold mostly in the concrete jungle. We’ve lost our connection to nature yet crave a green environment and natural materials more than ever. Biophilic – or biologic – design answers that need by incorporating the natural world in interiors and architecture. In this blog post, we share some of our favourite ways to accomplish this.

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Boosting well-being in body and mind

Biophilic design is proven to have a positive impact on general well-being, increase productivity and even reduce stress and anxiety levels. For example: offices that use natural touches in their interiors register decreases in absenteeism. Even more, recovery rates in hospitals where natural daylight and greenery thrive are accelerated. At IVC, we love the power of this trend, and are happy to enable our floors, from nature-inspired LVT and heterogeneous vinyl to soothing green carpet tiles, to contribute to your biophilic design projects.

Seeing green: inspire envy of your calming interior

A sure way to infuse your project with the peaceful calm of nature is by using green. IVC’s carpet tiles come in various shades of green, from light and bright to deep, dark moss. The result? An interior that integrates the feel of the forest but maintains the standards of modern comfort.

Playing around with patterns and textures

Architects and designers are also turning to the natural world for inspiration. Particularly popular is mixing and matching different patterns and textures, like stone tiles versus wood looks or the incorporation of velvet. The best part? These floors don’t just share their good looks with real stone, but their durability as well.

A pop of contrasting colour

The best way to highlight biological design? Contrast it with some unnatural colours or textures! This combination of a peaceful pebble with vivacious pink, yellow and blue is one of our favourites. As far as we’re concerned, no idea is too wild!