A home-like environment

Elderly care and retirement home facilities come in a broad range of types with a wide mix of operational models. From local council and charity operated care homes to private purpose-built complexes, budgets and practical requirements can vary considerably, but there is always one constant: the importance of giving older residents a sense of home.

Supporting the needs of residents

Despite high quality care being given, an environment that fails residents in terms of navigation, anxiety, stress and mobility will compromise their welfare. In contrast, an environment that considers unique mental and physical needs will help support a resident's wellbeing, making them feel at ease - which is why interior design is such an important factor in creating a relaxing atmosphere.

There are numerous ways to make sure that the interior design of care homes provides a friendly environment and certain factors must always be considered. For example, a good design will consider how older residents interact with and navigate safely through space at varying levels of sight and cognitive ability. It will also consider non-visual factors such as acoustics and comfort. 

Floor selection in care homes

Of course, in every care home the floor finish has a functional role to play. It must be durable and easy to maintain, while also providing a safe surface that aids mobility. That said, these functional requirements need to be balanced with its role within the design of an interior.

A floor may well be durable enough to provide operators with an excellent value solution, but if it doesn’t make a positive contribution to supporting the wellbeing of residents, it is falling short. Ultimately the floor must be durable, attractive, safe and comfortable. 

Creating comfort in residential settings

Our Heterogeneous Vinyl floors support the comfort of residents. Wood effects such as those featured in our Optimise 70 acoustic collection build a visual connection to nature and are familiar finishes to residents, with both these factors helping to create a relaxed environment.

These designs include Classic Oak in a range of tones that can aid contrast and perception of space, as well as a chevron plank that provides a popular design solution. Designs can be combined to aid navigation while avoiding high-contrast transitions that can be viewed as steps or gaps by the visually impaired or those residents with dementia.

By reducing impact noise by 19dB, Optimise 70 can help to alleviate the stress and anxiety caused by a noisy setting.

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Enhancing independence in care homes  

Due to the wide range of cognitive and physical abilities in residents the interior design of a care home has a significant challenge in making sure that it provides an environment which encourages independence. The floor can help to provide a response to this, supporting other design features such as clear signs and colour references.

Even with obvious dementia-friendly criteria, such as choosing matt surfaces, avoiding patterns and metallic ‘chip’ style designs, floor design can be used to aid navigation. For example, communal areas designed for activity could use a herringbone wood design, dining areas the same herringbone design in a different tone and then corridors or waypoints a plank style in a different tone again.

In effect, the floor becomes a system of visual cues that help residents to understand the space and navigate through it independently. 

Aiding mobility and improving safety

While all floors used within a care home should provide a good degree of slip-restraint, in certain areas there is a need for a more specialised solution. Private bathrooms, communal kitchens, craft areas, catering and corridors are all places that can benefit from the additional slip-resistance of safety flooring. However, its selection is often not favoured because of poor aesthetics, such as sparkle effects that can cause confusion or uncertainty, and maintenance difficulties.

Our Isafe 70 Woods collection is the solution to the challenge of improved slip-restraint in care facilities and elderly residential homes. Providing 36+ PTV (a measure of excellent slip-resistance), the floor delivers a high-level of underfoot safety with an attractive finish, whilst ensuring it doesn't restrict mobility or hinder wheelchairs / walking frames. The floor is also easy to maintain thanks to a protective and permanent Superguard finish.

Provide additional safety with Isafe 70 

Floors to impress

For private residential care and nursing homes, attracting residents is a business priority and alongside high standards of care, the facilities are a crucial part of making a good first impression. Some care home design specialists recommend creating ‘wow’ features throughout the facility as a good way of leaving a memorable impression.

Studio Moods can help to achieve these moments, with a range of modular luxury vinyl shapes that can be combined in unique patterns. Working within the confines of tonal, natural designs, Studio Moods creates a high-spec interior feel while still accommodating the varying needs of older residents. The modular vinyl floor retains all the durability and low maintenance benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

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Providing long-term value

While the floor must contribute to an environment that supports the welfare of residents, it must also deliver a finish that provides operators with value. Heterogeneous Vinyl is an affordable option for care homes, providing a floor that’s cost-effective at the point of purchase, while also delivering exceptional durability and low maintenance throughout use.

Even in residential care settings delivering a premium experience for residents, our Luxury Vinyl Tiles achieve a similar balance of affordability, durability and maintenance. Specifications can be altered according to use requirements to ensure that value is delivered everywhere from bedrooms to communal areas.

An affordable response to the challenges of care home flooring, our vinyl solutions are made in Europe and available from UK stock for fast delivery.

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