How to choose a sustainable floor for your project

Finding the right floor to finish your project, means looking at it from every possible angle. Design, installation, performance … But in an ever-increasingly environmentally aware world, one aspect in particular is quickly gaining importance: sustainability.

What is sustainable flooring?

Flooring is considered sustainable if it is created from sustainable products and via sustainable processes. In other words, floors that are made with natural resources, can be fully recycled and that have minimal impact on global ecosystems during their lifecycle. This includes the impact its supply chain – think transportation, sourcing of materials, packaging… – can have on the environment as well.

Sustainable flooring options

When we think of eco-friendly flooring solutions, people tend to go towards cork or bamboo. However, did you know that both carpet tiles and vinyl also fit the bill? In fact, all LVT and heterogeneous vinyl produced at IVC is sustainable vinyl flooring.

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And these are the leaders of the pack:

LVT: LayRed 55

LayRed 55 is an ode to IVC’s commitment to sustainable flooring, with great acoustic properties as well. This LVT flooring collection contains 30% recycled materials, no ortho-phthalate, can be installed without any adhesives and is fully recyclable.

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Heterogeneous vinyl: Nomad

Nomad is an eco-friendly floor with a personality. It’s stylish, performs well and is fully recyclable. From production and installation to practical use and after-life: Nomad is the most sustainable sheet vinyl around.

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Carpet tiles

From our Art range to Balanced Hues: all our carpet tiles are both stunning and sustainable. The secret? Our ColorStrand® solution-dyed yarn, which consists of 40% pre-consumer recycled        content and forms the base for all IVC carpet tiles. The yarn particularly performs wonderfully in commercial spaces, delivering both lasting beauty and value.

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