Say it With Colour

The impact of colour on wellbeing and productivity is well documented, so why not embrace its psychological benefits in colourful floor designs that stand out for all the right reasons.

The popularity of natural finishes dominates floor selection in many commercial interiors, but the positive influences of colour can also be a great way to create environments that are appropriate for use and that make users feel more comfortable.

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Interior view of a retail setting - zoning with brown, grey and orange spaces - IVC Commercial Heterogeneous Vinyl Floor - Optimise 70 collection.

Colour that supports activity

When it comes to decorating our homes, we know what colours make us feel rested and calm. However, in commercial interiors, we understand that colour can impact users in different ways. While some may find one shade refreshing another person will be turned off by the very same colour.  That said, there are some rules of thumb that can be useful when it comes to applying colour. For example, blue is known to stimulate the intellect, promoting thought. Violet is often seen to encourage imagination, yellow can boost confidence and green provides a reassuring balance.  

Identifying the main activity and choosing an appropriate colour will help to support users. For example, classrooms may benefit from blues found in our Optimise 70 sheet vinyl, while an agile office could use the 574 blue in Creative Spark carpet tiles to clearly mark productivity areas, turning to a coordinating green in 621 for adjoining restful breakouts. The same results can be achieved with Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Desert Crayola brings shades designed to complement each other while creating distinct zones within the floor.

Coordinating colours

Building flexible spaces that respond to changing needs is becoming more important and colour across the floor can be a great way to mark out areas, while allowing furniture and fixtures to be rearranged as the space evolves. Using colour in this way gives the freedom for changing space requirements while providing defined areas and waymarking through the floor.

We consider palettes across our Carpet Tile collections to give flexibility in colour arrangements for zoning. Establishing colour contrasts from within the same collection, such as our Rudiments carpet tiles can be a great way to mark thoroughfare and activity while keeping a sense of flow. The same effect in reverse can be achieved by matching coordinating colours – Rudiments Basalt 363 combined with Creative Spark 363 as an example – from across ranges. The result is a combination that feels uniform and sophisticated, yet which identifies change of use or transition to different zones through shifts in visual texture.

Carpet Tiles IVC Commercial flooring Rudiments Jute 789 Basalt 685 Office Meeting room with zoning
IVC Commercial Heterogeneous Vinyl Floor Optimise 70 collection - colourfull setting with blue, white and pink flooring - housing

Colour across categories

We believe that great design should be available to any interior, so we’ve ensured the colour runs through our Carpet Tiles, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Heterogeneous Vinyl collections. From the foundation colours in affordable Creative Spark that can be found throughout other patterns in our Carpet Tile collections, through to Desert Crayola’s palette in award-winning Studio Moods and Moduleo 55 Tiles Luxury Vinyl Tiles, or Concept 70’s Harlem, Populo and Rochus in Heterogeneous Vinyl, we deliver colour to suit the needs of any commercial interior.

So, whether you’re looking to create an inspiring place to collaborate on projects, an environment that supports learning or a place to relax, our solutions ensure you can use colour effectively while providing a floor finish that meets the comfort, durability and maintenance needs of the location.

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