HEMISPHERE - A tropical journey of discovery through your home

Exploring the world opens the mind to new cultures and lifestyles. Amazed and full of wonder, many impressed travellers try to recreate these global vibes at home. For years, European and North American trends have been at the heart of interior design. However, a new wave of African and South American influence is gaining in popularity.

This growing attraction to the continents of the southern hemisphere is not entirely new. Foodies have been exploring tropical tastes and flavours for quite some time now: think Latin and African fusion cuisine and exotic cocktails. Fashion designers have inspired plenty of fashionistas with animal designs, dressing models and celebrities from head to toe in leopard print, for example. Even more, popular music seems full of tropical southern exuberance these days.

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Latin lovers: inspired by nature

‘Mi casa es su casa’: when it comes to hospitality, Latin American warmth and welcome is inimitable. Southern interior trends reflect this generosity both in style and colour. Unique, innovative designs in warm, earthy tones are true showstoppers in this part of the world – and beyond.

Adding to this, Latin designers hold dear to their rich cultural and historical pasts and have a fondness for nature. This is reflected in traditional craftmanship and the use of sustainable materials. Most typical are handmade ceramics, the portrayal of ancient local traditions, or baskets made of corn husks braided according to age-old practices.

Southern interior trends reflect generosity, both in style and colours.
Make yourself at home.

Out of Africa: ethnicity to the core

One of Africa’s greatest treasures is its abundance of wildlife. No wonder African-styled interior trends are infused with floral and faunal splendour. Typical are bright-coloured plaids and cushions with ethnic patterns, and dark wood and wicker chairs reminiscent of nomadic cultural history.

To really bring the essence of African cultures into home interiors, add distinctive features such as animal skulls or indigenous masks and finish off with panoramic photographs that are as authentic and pure as the continent itself. 

Into the dark

Dark flooring with soothing natural stone motifs better accentuates tasteful design objects. Top this look off with exotic plants and traditional rugs and pottery. Their verdant shades will catch eyes and warm hearts.

A makeover for warm spirits

To create southern ambiance in any space, just add some ethnic touches. They will blend seamlessly with cosy wooden floors. Ideal for cold winter days!

Elegant terracotta red

Create a sense of warmth and authenticity by combining a red terracotta tone on the walls with wood-look flooring. Start decorating now, and don’t hold back!

3 design tips to explore

  • Think in contrasts! Dark and light unite in harmony to generate intense vibes.
  • Match it up: create a welcome space with cosy design objects from all over the globe.
  • Warm terracotta is welcome in any interior and easily combines with other earthy colours.

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