Flooring solutions for housing associations  

Whether new build or refurbishment of existing housing stock, our solutions can provide housing associations with floors that meet the needs of tenants, while providing value right from the point of installation.

IVC build to rent floors are made in Belgium with renewable energy

Good design should be easy to implement

At IVC Commercial, we believe that good design should be easy to implement. For housing associations and affordable housing projects, this means floors that create a welcoming and comfortable home which are also cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain.

Our high-quality Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Carpet Tiles and Heterogeneous Vinyl solutions make this possible. Creating a home-like feel through a wide range of natural designs with improved comfort, they also ensure a floor that provides housing associations with the durability and easy maintenance needed.

Improving comfort 

The role of the floor in improving comfort for tenants is two-fold, physical and mental comfort. Solutions such as Comfytex Deluxe Heterogeneous Vinyl are not only comfortable and warm underfoot but with natural designs they build a connection to nature. This helps to create an atmosphere that feels familiar and inviting, positively impacting mental wellbeing.

Tempo Heterogeneous Vinyl can also help social and affordable housing projects with a floor finish that delivers a premium aesthetic. With a deep v-groove to add definition to each plank and a distinct textured surface, its attractive wood plank effects still provide an impervious and seamless finish that can be easily maintained by tenants.

Tempo premium vinyl floors for housing associations

Easy installation and implementation

Whether new build or refurbishment projects, housing associations can benefit from our solutions that reduce the time and cost of installation.

With a special textile cushion backing Comfytex Deluxe can be installed on top of existing floors without adhesive. Suitable for fitting straight on top of thermoplastic tiles, timber or ceramic tiles, it is ideal for turnkey refurbishment in social housing projects.

Our award-winning LayRed 55 Luxury Vinyl Tile innovation, can be laid over poor condition subfloors and features fast click fitting. A built-in underlay also combats sound and gives better underfoot feel, improving comfort for tenants in a range of authentic and original premium wood looks.

For areas where slip may be a concern for housing associations, such as in bathrooms or kitchens, Isafe 70 vinyl safety flooring is the solution. Achieving TRRL 36+ restraint, it comes in a wide range of natural and material looks for a home-like finish that avoids the clinical appearance of homogeneous safety flooring.

For communal areas, our Carpet Tiles provide an entrance that instantly feels comfortable. Offering a durable and comfortable floor in a wide range of colours and coordinated designs, Art Intervention Carpet Tiles are made from high-performance nylon that is stain-resistant and easy to maintain. 

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LayRed luxury vinyl floors for social housing refurbishment
Isafe 70 vinyl safety flooring for homes

Delivering value and performance

Our solutions are made to deliver social housing projects an affordable floor. Delivering a low-cost option throughout the life cycle, floors from IVC Commercial can reduce initial expenditure while providing a lasting surface that needs no specialist maintenance.

With products such as Comfytex Deluxe and LayRed 55, we’re developing solutions that respond to the need for floors that are easy to install in new and refurbishment projects. Potentially eliminating the time and expense of preparing subfloors and cutting out adhesives, these floors are easier and faster to install in almost all conditions.

Finishes have also been designed to make our social and affordable housing floors easier to look after. Protectonite for Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Hyperguard+ for Heterogeneous Vinyl floors provide better scuff and stain resistance, while also cleaning easy. Simpler maintenance that can be undertaken by the tenant is a good way to ensure a floor’s appearance over the long-term.

All our floors are made to withstand use in commercial environments, so despite a welcoming home-life feel and comfort underfoot, they can endure in social housing, avoiding early replacement because of wear. 

Sound reducing vinyl flooring for rental housing
Sustainable floors for social housing

Easily available

Our social and affordable housing flooring solutions are made in Europe and are widely stocked in the United Kingdom for fast delivery. Samples of all of our floors can be sent straight within 48 hours.

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Made with the future in mind

Our state-of-the-art factories are some of the most efficient in the world. Using renewable energy and with the industry’s largest PVC recycling facility, we’re working towards complete product circularity by 2040.

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