THE CLOWN: from floor to fun in 3 steps

Classic, clean-cut interior design may be an all-time favourite, but a counter revolution is on its way. In charge is a team of rebels – or clowns – who take their inspiration from the circus. Their mission: to break the aesthetic status quo and offer a more playful alternative.

Ready to let your creative mind run wild? We’ll share three easy steps to apply the clown trend to your designs. Rather than to docilely follow these steps, you may take them as inspiration points, as the most important takeaway is to release your inner clown and have fun.

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Step one: shake things up with a statement floor

According to the clown trend, floors are not blank canvases to be filled with furniture and accessories. If anything, they are poised to steal the show. Statement floors are a hit and will be appreciated by your clients, as the floors will immediately spice the whole room up and fill it with a playful feeling.

Step two: show your colours

Colour, colour and even more colour: the clown trend doesn’t jive with neutral or grayscale. If you are intrigued by this idea but don’t want to go too crazy, orange earth tones are your go-to. They create a calm and warm atmosphere and are easy to combine with other colours in the room. Feeling a little more adventurous? Combine primary colours such as yellow and blue.

Step three: amaze with unexpected contrast

The best way to add some fun to your project is to play with contrast. Mix and match the colours and shapes of the furniture, stationary and flooring solutions. Experiment with unusual patterns and materials such as plexiglass, which are making a comeback. Don’t hold back from exploring the limits of kitsch – interesting designs are born when you look at things from a new angle.

Whether you combine all these steps or just add a little playful twist is up to you. You’ll notice that even the smallest adjustments will brighten up your space.