THE MUSE: 5 fashion trends that influence flooring design

More and more women are calling the shots in the fashion industry, setting the stage with artistic and intellectual flair. We can see this female influence in all aspects of fashion: materials, shapes, textures and colours. What’s more: girl power is not limited to the fashion industry. This feminine touch is also the driving force behind some of the hottest interior design trends of the moment. Here are five of our favourites:

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1. Surprising colour combinations

Looking for interior design inspiration? Why not cast your eyes over the catwalk: in fashion, it’s all about surprising and contrasting colour combinations like this combination of artistic Yves Klein blue, one of the current biggest trends, with soft and peachy pink. What do you think?

2. Contrasting shades

When making combinations, dare to think outside the box. Bring two extremes together to create an interesting and elegant harmony. Try mixing and matching cooler, more metallic shades with warm, inviting colours, for example.

3. Walk the line

Whether you choose clean, straight lines, geometric lines or feminine curves, you can’t go wrong. Combine your artistic line work with bold accent colours or surprising shapes for that extra touch of class.

4. Use patterns for that extra pop

Dare to experiment with shapes and patterns. They allow you to get creative and completely transform any space, for memorable and original interiors that make a statement!

5. Subvert expectations

Blue is for boys and pink is for girls? Says who? Break the mould and play around with gender and other stereotypes for a fun and thought-provoking space. Tip: for added effect, combine feminine colours with masculine shapes and vice versa.