Art Fields: A natural colour flow

The beauty of Art Fields lies in its ability to achieve a gradual and organic transition between colours. Its natural colour flow is not only peaceful and soothing, but functional as well: it creates a natural border between two functional spaces.

How? Its secret is the combination of three different carpet tiles, each with a specific yarn composition. The textured grey surface of Shared Path serves as the base, Organic Shift mixes this grey base with sporadic colour accents patterned throughout, and finally transfers into Full Shift. Here the balance is shifted and colour takes the upper hand. Perfect for highlighting functional zones.

With Art Fields, you get to pair the performance and beauty of the Art carpet tile collections with even more design possibilities. Time to let your creativity flow!

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The Art Fields collection

Shared path

Designers often chose the path less taken to create memorable spaces. The Art Fields’ product journey starts with Shared Path, a nuanced grey textured pattern with universal appeal.

Organic shift

Organic Shift combines the best of both worlds, using the base colour of Shared Path as its foundation and adding the coloured accents of your choosing. The result is the first step towards a naturally flowing colour shift.

Full shift

This tile is the next step in the natural colour change. The balance is shifted and colour takes the upper hand, while Shared Path is faded out but still present. Perfect for highlighting functional zones!

Why choose Art Fields?

Art Fields allows you to truly get creative and functional with any floor space without compromising on comfort.

Transition naturally between two colours

The Shared Path base colour can be combined with your choice of 6 possible colours. Art Fields gradually transitions into a new shade with the addition of 30% of the target colour to the base in its Organic Shift tile. From there, Art Fields completes the colour flow with the Full Shift tile, which consists of 70% new colour, 30% starting colour. 

Matches perfectly with the other Art Collections

All Art collections are made using the same yarn. As a result, you get infinite design possibilities and combinations for your project.

Accessible and durable

Art Fields level loop carpet tiles create a flat and smooth surface without any seams. Perfect for high-traffic areas like offices or schools, it’s easy to clean, has great acoustic properties and is resistant to wear.

Sustainable flooring solution

In our Art Fields collection, the recycled content of the yarn is 40% and 70% for the secondary backing, enabling your projects to be more futureproof than ever before.

Sustainable and flexible backing: EcoFlex™ Statera

EcoFlex™ Statera, IVC Commercial’s innovative carpet tile backing, has been the backbone of Europe’s commercial flooring market for almost 40 years. Composed of modified bitumen and 70% recycled limestone, EcoFlex™ Statera is a showpiece of sustainable design. This flexible solution allows for complete loose lay and demonstrates dimensional stability at its best.

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