Inspiring spaces through colour and design

Inspired by 20th Century American art movements, Art Intervention is a carpet tile collection that makes great design more accessible.

Just as abstract expressionism invites the artist and viewer to connect in new ways, Art Intervention builds new relationships to the working environment. In three patterns that join together or stand alone, the collection’s shared colour palette, made from solution dyed nylon, creates playful combinations for endless design possibilities.

With Art Intervention you can create supportive and inspiring interiors that help users to connect and collaborate.

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Mix and match carpet tiles

Art Intervention is based on the same colours and yarn bank as our Contour collection and Rudiments collection. This lets you explore the creativity and purposeful agility of arrangements in colour with designs made to be mixed and matched.

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Creative Spark

Our fundamental relationship with arrangements of colour are the Creative Spark of Art Intervention. Inspired by the purification of art into simple colour and shape combinations that is the foundation of Neo Plasticism, the 32 colours of Creative Spark bring individuality and harmony. Through vivid hues, earthy organics and versatile utility colours, Creative Spark is ready to answer the different moods of today’s commercial interiors.

Expansion Point

Drawing upon the lines of alternating colour and altering intensity familiarised in Colour Fields, Expansion Point explores these arrangements through 12 duo-colour options. A linear carpet tile that stands-alone or brings diversity and that’s inspired by the arbitrary freehand contrasts of Unfurled.

Blurred Edge

Freedom of expression becomes key in our relationship with art, as we experiment to create unusual and surprising combinations. Blurred Edge traverses the sharp forms of Hard Edge with expressive movements that find balance between linear rigidity and the liberty of motion. In 10 colourways rooted in rich earthy organics.

The Art Intervention Palette

At the beginning of Art Intervention lies a palette of 32 Creative Spark colours with the depth to approach all kinds of interior. From bold hues to support activity and rich organics that connect to nature, through to mature and sophisticated pastels, Art Intervention is a base to build from in workplaces and learning spaces.

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