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Create unexpected spatial experiences with the Immersion effect.
As inspiration for this collection, we explored all corners of the virtual world where there are no limits, creative freedom is absolute and digital and physical personalities blend effortlessly. That's exactly the kind of spatial experience we set out to create with the collection’s designs. With textures that create a 3D effect that’s constantly in motion, it brings a surprising and unexpected dynamic to your design. Stimulating interiors that sharpen our senses and take our productivity to a higher level: this is the Immersion effect.

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Explore the alternative realm of digital personality
Examining the blurred boundaries between our digital and physical lives, Alternate’s generative high-low 3D pattern captures this incessant flux. The carpet tile comes in 18 colours with tone-on-tone shifts that animate its dynamic texture.

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Pursue freedom for your digital self
Liberate expresses the pursuit for digital freedom through new wave technologies in a layered texture with electrifying and unexpected results. In 18 colours, Liberate uses tonal combinations to highlight the rises and falls of its roaming 3D effect.

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Escape to code constructed worlds
Escapism and the power of experience have seen gaming transcend to the mainstream. Its digitally constructed worlds and future-shaped architecture are the inspiration for the dynamic and vibrant Animate. With a layered design that builds texture scapes across the floor plane, Animate’s 18 tone-on-tone colours enhance its immersive feel.

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Interior view - office flooring - Immersion carpet tiles from IVC Commercial - Alternate - Liberate - Animate; with Thrive® matter: the world’s first carbon negative yarn

Thrive® matter: the world’s first carbon negative yarn

The Immersion collection is made with Thrive® matter, the world’s first carbon negative nylon yarn. Removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits, Thrive® matter has the lowest emissions of any solution-dyed nylon. Made with the lightest production footprint in the world from 90% recycled content,  the yarn is third-party certified with 1,45 kg of embodied carbon emissions for every 1 kg produced. This already low number is brought below zero by partnering with in support of forest conservation and reforestation projects around the world.

Making a more sustainable carpet tile, Thrive® matter also lets us maintain the quality of our Belgian made floors. Through exceptional durability, permanent built-in colour and stain-resistance; the fibre ensures that Immersion performs beautifully in today’s work and hospitality projects. 

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