Logitex Ultimate 55
The fast way to quiet spaces


Choose semi loose lay Logitex Ultimate 55 for acoustic flooring that’s easy to install.
With 19 dB of impact sound reduction and a durable 0,55 mm wear layer, Logitex Ultimate 55 is the preferred heterogeneous vinyl floor when silence is needed. A quiet and comfortable solution for housing projects and ready for education, office and healthcare spaces; Logitex Ultimate 55’s semi loose lay fitting is impressively versatile. So, whether refurbishing existing floors or starting from scratch, it’s a fast and easy way to take advantage of acoustic heterogeneous vinyl for heavy traffic use.

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Keep it simple

Logitex Ultimate 55’s semi loose lay construction is designed in Belgium to overcome multiple installation challenges. It doesn’t need glue to stay in place and smooths out grout and joints – as well as small lumps and bumps – so it can be used safely over a range of floors. And with no glue or major subfloor preparation needed, using Logitex Ultimate 55 cuts down on the cost and time of installation.

To get the most out of Logitex Ultimate 55, we recommend using our Loose Lay Tape. Loose Lay Tape ensures a secure and reliable fit for the lifetime of the floor, while keeping a quick and glue-free installation. This way of installing is also healthier and more sustainable. With no smells, VOC emissions and perfectly recyclable at the end of life, it’s the better way to install heterogeneous vinyl.

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Endless wood for easy installation

Elias is a wood design with a unique trick up its sleeve. Its all-over wood pattern is not only beautiful to look at, but easy to install – just unroll for a great looking floor in no time at all. The visual absence of a plank size boundary allows for fitting just as quickly as a uni-design. Reducing installation waste, it also makes Elias a cost-effective and responsible choice.

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The benefits of Logitex Ultimate 55

100 % recyclable

Acoustic insulation

Heavy use

Semi loose lay
renovation tile floor covering

Clean and hygienic

Easy installation