Bespoke creation with modular flooring in just three steps

Create a unique modular floor with Studio Moods in only three steps. Start with choosing one or more shapes. Then design your pattern and fill in the colours. Place your order and you can count on a delivery in four to six weeks. Bespoke creation is possible for orders from 75 m² per reference.

Overview of the different shapes of Studio Moods: small hexagon, big hexagon, triangle, small diamond, big diamond, trapezoid, parallellogram, two arrows and a rectangle. All in different colours and patterns.

Choose your shapes

With Studio Moods, your creativity is in charge. Limiting down the countless possibilities starts with choosing one or more shapes. These geometric shapes are the basic building blocks of a creative Studio Moods floor: triangle, trapezoid, parallelogram, chevron, diamond, hexagon and rectangle.

Design your own pattern

From simple to simply ingenious. Build your very own Studio Moods pattern by forming a repetitive combination of one or more geometric shapes. By combining them with each other at different angles, you can create an infinite number of kaleidoscopic patterns.


Download blanco patterns

Compilation of different planks and tiles in different shapes, patterns and colours to illustrate the endless possibilities of a bespoke creation with modular flooring by Studio Moods.
Examples of how the Studio Moods shapes and patterns can be combined to create a modular floor.

Fill in the colours

Mixed up or all-over flow. All 160 designs from our Moduleo 55 and Moduleo 55 Impressive collections can be used to fill your pattern. Choose timeless natural woods and stones or high-impact colours to bring your floor to life


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Seems like a hassle?

See our predefined patterns