Seam-free heterogeneous vinyl installation with Invisiweld

Invisiweld is IVC’s installation technology that allows our Heterogeneous Vinyl floors to be installed over large areas with a nearly invisible seam.

Using a chemical bond, as opposed to a PVC weld rod, Invisiweld allows all IVC safety, compact and acoustic heterogeneous sheet vinyl floors to be installed with a near-invisible seam. Fast, clean and easy to use, Invisiweld comes with these great vinyl installation advantages:

  • Very high seam tensile strength far exceeding European norms
  • Faster installation
  • Watertight seam
  • Near-invisible look
  • Clean, mess-free installation

Leaving a strong, seamless and watertight join, Invisiweld is the better way to install IVC Heterogeneous Vinyl. In fact, Invisiweld can also be used to join our sheet vinyl floors to our impressive range of commercial ready LVT for an uninterrupted flow throughout a space.

See our Invisiweld ready floors

In just 10 minutes the tape can be removed, leaving your IVC sheet vinyl floor with a strong and nearinvisible join. Invisiweld brings a seamless look and more authenticity to all IVC Heterogeneous Vinyl flooring installations. Download full installation instructions here.

Download Invisiweld Instructions

Invisiweld brings a seamless look and more authenticity