Indoor playground Go Bounce

In working with IVC, indoor playground Astrabound (UK) found the perfect flooring match for its brand-new trampoline park. Equipped with easily maintainable, noise-reducing and durable flooring, Go Bounce is ready to welcome exciting visitors of all ages.

  • Location: Doncaster (UK)
  • Sector: Hospitality & leisure
  • Product Category: Heterogeneous vinyl
  • Surface: 600 m²

IVC renders Go Bounce noise- and spill-proof

Through the establishment of Go Bounce Extreme Trampoline Park, Astrabound reinforced its reputation as the biggest and best indoor play and party venue in Doncaster, UK. Toddlers and kids as well as teens and adults jump and flip on the flat beds or bounce off the angled trampolines. Building the park involved 600 square meters of flooring, created up to 200 jobs and required an investment of £500,000.

Ticking all the boxes

Trevor Wharton Carpets, the contractor responsible for flooring, decided to partner up with IVC. “IVC products have always met our criteria, and it is no different now: the Silento and Concept Woods collections ticked all boxes for Go Bounce,” director Trevor Wharton points out.

In reducing sound transmission by 18dB, Silento Salzburg 691 proved suitable for the noisy trampoline area. Concept Woods Tavel 631, with its Hyperguard+ PUR protective layer, was selected for the canteen upstairs. Without the maintenance hassle that comes with actual wood, the latter is resistant to all kinds of spills. What’s more, both Silento Salzburg and Concept Woods score high on durability tests.

Futuristic meets cosy

When it comes to aesthetics, the icy grey colour of Silento Salzburg adds a futuristic dimension to the 50 trampolines, giving visitors a unique experience. With its cosy golden oak look, Concept Woods creates a particularly homely ambiance in the canteen.

“As such, Go Bounce has become Doncaster’s place to be for anyone who likes action and adventure; as much as having a drink in a cosy place afterwards,” Wharton concludes.

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