Greenbox Architecture Office

IVC’s parent company Mohawk and Greenbox Architecture are no strangers to each other, as they have already partnered up multiple times in the past. So, when the Australian architectural firm was looking for a unique design for its new office floors in Sydney, the choice was quickly made. Mohawk and IVC created a beautiful and unique design for this commercial project, in which quality and class went hand in hand.

  • Location: Sydney (AU)
  • Sector: Office
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles

A unique and perfect fit for the Greenbox Architecture office

Greenbox Architecture wanted a short lead time and a budget-friendly solution that keeps the building’s unique personality in mind. Color, pattern and placement method were all determined by the building itself. The project only took three months and was completed in June 2015.

Attention to the specific needs of the building

Both parties agreed on the use of a dark denim Zip It Tile. Because the tiles were installed on a heritage timber floor, which could not be disturbed, IVC advised the use of FlexLOK tabs. This easy installation tab system locks a tile to the surrounding tiles without using any adhesives, creating a floating floor.

However, the firm did not want to cover up the timber flooring entirely. That’s why Greenbox Architecture and IVC chose a dark-colored tile to add contrast to the partly visible floor and the white office walls. To hide building irregularities, the tiles were laid in a herringbone pattern.

Greenbox Architecture hosts occasional events to share inspiration and passion with their customers and partners, which take place in the breakout space next to the office. To create continuity between the two spaces, the same tiles were used in both. As the breakout space experiences high traffic, performance proved another important decision criterion. Luckily, Zip It Tiles demand very little maintenance and are easy to clean. The final flooring design resulted in a durable statement piece fit for architects and designers.

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