WSP Offices

When renovating its offices, WSP opted for biophilic design to create a peaceful workplace that stimulates both wellbeing and productivity.

  • Location: Newcastle (UK)
  • Sector: Office
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles, Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Architect: Idaco
  • Installer: Active Flooring
  • Surface: 1.770 m²

Engineering firm WSP makes nature work in its offices with biophilic design

When refurbishing its entire site in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, engineering firm WSP wanted to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with plenty of natural influence. Together with Glasgow-based interior designer Idaco, the company turned its buildings into a biophilic design haven that boosts employee wellbeing.

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Finding the right flooring partner

It was the first time that interior designer Idaco worked with IVC, but certainly not the last. Aileen Rooney from Idaco explains their choice: “We were looking for a flooring partner that could provide both carpet tiles and LVT. What’s more, the floors had to reflect the nature-inspired touches present throughout the rest of the interior. The flooring products we chose often draw inspiration from wood, moss and stone, which fits in perfectly with the rest of the design.”

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Bringing nature into the open plan office

In its open plan offices, WSP opted for IVC’s Lichen carpet tile. Aileen: “We chose it for two reasons. First of all, the design in itself: the textured pattern and biophilic design inspired by multi-textured lichens worked well with the rest of the interior. But also, the sustainability aspect won WSP over: the Lichen carpet tile series is made with 56% recycled content through its EcoFlex NXT backing and stain-resistant Duracolor® nylon.” 


Unparalleled realism in the entrance lobby

“In the entrance lobby and bistro, we wanted to add a bit more sophistication and create a welcoming atmosphere”, Aileen explains. “That’s why we used Shades from IVC’s Expressive LVT collection. Its textured surface, unparalleled realism and intricate parquet strip effect really make the look we were going for.”


Casual and timeless meeting areas

For the meeting areas, WSP wanted something casual and warm. That’s why Idaco opted for Zip It 937 and 966, which is part of IVC’s Denim collection. “The tonal, striated background, paired with the chevron overlay of this carpet tile, helped us achieve the timeless look we had in mind”, Aileen confirms.


OSC and storage

In the Office of Structure Construction (OSC) and storage area, there is always plenty of traffic. People are constantly bustling about, so WSP needed a strong and durable floor. That’s why WSP and Idaco went for Moduleo 55 Woods in Chester Oak and Moduleo 55 Tiles in Hoover Stone. “We needed a floor that tied into the overall biophilic design approach while also offering extensive commercial performance. Thanks to the Protectonite® scuff and stain protection, Chester Oak more than fulfils these demands. The end result is an authentic-looking floor with a modern architectural aesthetic.” 


Design uniformity across all spaces

When designing WSP’s refurbished offices and workspaces, Idaco made sure that each space breathed biophilic design motifs. “Thanks to IVC’s broad flooring range, we were able to continue the nature-inspired theme in each space, while still switching it up and giving each space its own accents”, Aileen concludes. “It was our first time working with IVC, but it definitely won’t be the last!”


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