Comfortable and durable flooring solutions for happier homes

The end game for multi housing flooring, social housing flooring and student accommodation flooring is to provide a finish that creates a welcoming and relaxing home-like feel. Our flooring solutions deliver exactly this, while also giving ease of installation, durability and low maintenance to make them affordable throughout the life cycle.

Multi category flooring solutions for today’s housing

The increasing concentration on the welfare of tenants within multi housing has brought the aesthetic appeal and comfort of floor finishes to the fore. Now, it is no longer enough for multi housing floors to deliver durability and low maintenance, they must also provide a floor that contributes positively to the home by creating a warm and relaxing place for a broad spectrum of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

The general housing market has also diversified with housebuilders and landlords creating a wide choice of types and tenures and housing. From social and low-cost housing to student accommodation and premium rental apartments for professionals, the mix sees many different demands in aesthetic integrity, expectations of ongoing performance and replacement.

So, on one hand co-living is providing more affordable options for city renters in multi-occupancy spaces that see a high standard of social amenities. While on the other, multi-generational living is creating a demand for housing that can accommodate diverse physical needs for communities that benefit from shared experience and support. Meeting the living needs of each type user becomes a question of understanding how they interact with the space.

Designers of housing are responding to all of these challenges with environments that put the tenant or occupier first and foremost, creating spaces that see comfort and ease of living as the priority.

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Housing flooring heroes


Nomad combines flexibility with ultimate comfort and a unique personality.

Moduleo 40

Moduleo 40 LVT combines elegance with durability. Mimicking nature’s most beautiful wood and stone looks, Moduleo 40 gives your project a welcoming feel.

Silento 50

A heterogeneous acoustic flooring solution that works perfectly in multi-housing projects where there is a need for sound absorption.

Optimise 70

By reducing sound and embracing colour, heterogeneous vinyl Optimise 70 lifts heavy traffic areas out of the ordinary, making your projects quieter and brighter. 

Creating comfort in housing

Whether it’s accommodating paying students with high expectation or providing affordable homes for communities, it is imperative that the floor delivers comfort. This applies on two levels - through physical factors, such as underfoot comfort and improved acoustics, and understanding the psychological impact of pattern, colour and perception of space.

By understanding the physical and mental welfare needs of tenants, multi housing can provide a supportive environment that encourages relaxation and calm at all times. Our Carpet Tiles, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Heterogeneous Vinyl solutions can help designers to achieve this across a range of housing types.

Comfort through design

Our Luxury Vinyl Tile and Heterogeneous Vinyl floors are available in authentic natural effects that create a home-like atmosphere. Offering domestic looks, such as wood planks or stone tiles, these floors connect tenants and occupiers to the natural world.

By using this to trigger a positive emotional response, designers can use the floor to foster a sense of calm and relaxation. For example, our Moduleo 40 Luxury Vinyl Tile collection provides 31 calm and peaceful original wood and stone looks well suited to residential locations.

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Comfort through function

Other factors can affect our perception of comfort too. Rooms that are quieter and more forgiving underfoot accentuate feelings of restfulness. Our Optimise 70 acoustic flooring achieves this through a floor that’s both quiet – offering 19dB of noise reduction – and comfortable underfoot, thanks to a compact foam back that absorbs sound and impact.

Flooring specifications that consider the physical comfort of occupiers will create a more positive response to the space. And with our commercially proven solutions, this can be achieved while still providing value through the floor’s lifetime.

Making comfort easier to implement

Our factories are some of the newest in the world and this allows us to create innovative solutions to make our floors easier to implement in housing projects. As an example, Nomad Heterogeneous Vinyl can be installed over existing thermoplastic, ceramic and timber floors without glue. Soaking up minor subfloor irregularities, the floor can also be used in new build to achieve heightened comfort through good acoustics, walking comfort and natural designs.

Award-winning Luxury Vinyl Tiles innovation

LayRed 55 provides similar advantages in an award-winning Luxury Vinyl Tile innovation that features a built-in sound reducing underlay and glue-free installation. Potentially eliminating the time and expense of preparing subfloors and completely cutting out adhesives, these floors are easier and faster to install in almost all conditions.

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For a Durable Future

Finishes have also been designed to make our multi housing floors easier to look after. Protectonite for Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Hyperguard+ for Heterogeneous Vinyl floors provide better scuff and stain resistance, while also remaining easy to clean. Simpler maintenance that can be undertaken by the tenant or occupier is a good way to ensure a floor’s long-term performance.

Durability comes with all floors from IVC Commercial. Our Carpet Tiles, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Heterogeneous Vinyl solutions are made to perform in a wide range of business and public environments, so are more than up to the challenge of providing a wear resistant floor for use in housing environments.

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Responsibly made solutions

Our floors are designed and made in Europe in state-of-the-art production facilities as we work to develop a circular approach to the future of flooring.  

Through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) we produce Environmental Profile Declarations (EPD) for the entire life cycle of IVC Commercial floors. Addressing all key environmental issues, EPDs are a great way to fairly assess the true impact of the flooring materials you choose.

Partnering with an externally licensed assessment agency, we also calculate contributions to BREEAM, LEED, WELL, DGNB and Greenstar. As a result, our floors can be used in environmentally accredited buildings and projects.

With the industry’s largest PVC recycling plant, renewable energy and a 100% European supply chain, we’re working towards cutting out CO2 emissions and achieving closed-loop production for our Carpet Tiles, LVT and Heterogeneous Vinyl floors by 2040.

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