A better retail experience from the floor up

The right floor can really lift up a retail environment. Thanks to their outstanding acoustics, thoughtful design and high levels of wear resistance, IVC flooring solutions are an excellent choice for your retail project. Create an inviting space that enhances the shopping and browsing experience while sending clear brand messages with an IVC flooring solution tailored to your project.

More than just keeping up with trends

To compete with the convenience of online shopping, physical retail stores must offer an experience to their customers by becoming a destination that keeps them engaged and wanting to come back. An IVC floor helps you establish and communicate your brand identity. Creative combinations of our materials ensure that your project is always in line with the latest trends, while offering low maintenance and wear resistance across all kinds of retail environments.

Advantages of vinyl floors in Retail

More visual impact

IVC lay and lift products provide ultimate flexibility: they’re quick and easy to fit and remove.

Keep up with the latest trends and create memorable experiences for your consumers every time they visit.

Retail as theatre

A staging effect through pops of colour and texture.

Flooring is pivotal in creating the sensory environment necessary to excite and promote interaction, and helps set the tone.

Brand authentity

Selecting the right materials helps inspire comfort and emotional connections in your consumers, unfolding a sense of belonging and empathy.  

Establish your brands’ DNA bottom-up

Our hero collections for Retail

Studio Moods: unparalelled creative freedom

Want to create a unique design with maximum impact? Studio Moods LVT does exactly that.

  • Different shapes & patterns to provide maximum flexibility and modularity.
  • Available in any combination of Moduleo 55 designs, excluding Moduleo 55 Expressive A 0.55 mm wear layer for high-traffic commercial applications.
  • Scratch and stain resistant to withstand daily use, thanks to Protectonite® PU top layer.
  • Sustainably produced, containing 50% recycled content.

Discover our Studio Moods designs

Studio Moods offered us a great range of laying
patterns along with realistic wood and stone
effects, so that we could create a really striking floor

LayRed 55: adaptable to the core

Looking for a floor that’s up for any challenge? Trust LayRed 55, a patented multi-layer engineered LVT that combines versatility, strength, comfort, acoustics, design and performance.

  • Easy to install to minimise downtime.
  • Reduces sound transmission by up to 22dB, thanks to an integrated sound pad.
  • Hard to discern from real wood and stone through an ultra-high definition printing process.
  • Extremely scratch and stain resistant.
  • Sustainably produced, containing 30% recycled content

Discover LayRed 55

Heterogenous vinyl: endless possibilities for big surfaces

Looking for a multi-layer flooring solution that comes in a wide variety of patterns and countless designs? Look no further!

  • Ideal for big surfaces – comes in 2 m & 4 m width rolls.
  • Look & feel of natural flooring materials.
  • Great acoustics and comfort – works well anywhere.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Extensive range.

Discover Concept 70

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