3 reasons why you should choose heterogeneous vinyl for your elderly care project

There is a silver tsunami heading our way: the world’s aging population. That is why sustainable care for the elderly is becoming more and more important. And rightly so: in our sunset years, we are entitled to a comfortable, safe and pleasant living environment. IVC's heterogeneous vinyl floors meet that need perfectly: they are functional, hygienic and very good-looking.

1. Safety first: the importance of safe flooring

Safety is an absolute priority in any elderly care project. That's why a heterogeneous vinyl floor is a good choice. A non-slip coating reduces the risk of falls. Moreover, we provide heterogeneous vinyl on rolls of 2 or 4 metres, which means that in most cases we can also install them seamlessly – reducing the risk even more.

In addition, we also have to protect the elderly against germs. Heterogeneous vinyl is made of bacteriostatic material, which is ideal for an environment where the risk of spills is high – for example a school cafeteria – or for an elderly care centre where some of the inhabitants may be incontinent. The floor can be cleaned quickly and easily with a minimum of cleaning agents.

2. Cosiness is key

In order for the elderly to feel at home in their assisted living location or care centre, it is important not to lose sight of design in addition to all the technical requirements. On that note, IVC's heterogeneous vinyl floors are both high-performing and aesthetically pleasing. In contrast to the traditional grey floor covering that you often see in care environments, we offer wood or stone designs for living spaces – the ideal basis for a cosy atmosphere. Meanwhile, in other areas such as corridors or rehabilitation halls, colour can be used. We all want our house to feel like a home, and a beautiful floor plays a major role in achieving that. Which, in turn, has a positive impact on the resident’s wellbeing.

Heterogeneous vinyl lays the foundation for a space that is sterile, but doesn’t feel that way.

3. Comfortable old age

The choice of floors also plays a crucial role in offering older people a comfortable living environment. Heterogeneous vinyl is warm, soft and comfortable to walk on, creating a bubble of safety and security. In addition, it has excellent acoustic properties, which enhances living comfort: after all, you no longer have to worry about noise from your upstairs neighbours, and sound reflections in your own space are also reduced to a minimum.

IVC: taking care of business

A construction or renovation project in the eldercare industry involves a lot of work. That's why IVC's motto is "we go beyond flooring": we don’t just supply materials, but also support architects and builders. From needs analysis to detailed technical advice, IVC thinks along with you and goes for a tailor-made solution.  

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