EcoFlex™ Echo carpet tiles are equipped with an acoustic backing, reducing noise levels and providing improved comfort.

When designing a well-balanced space, a series of elements needs to be taken into consideration. Whether it’s a choice of colours, decoration items, lighting or use of materials; each will contribute to the overall feeling of a room. In this, the aspect of acoustics is often underestimated, despite optimal sound insulation and absorption being essential to create a healthy and productive working environment. That’s why soundproofing through flooring has become a necessary part of interior design in modern construction and renovation projects.

EcoFlex™ Echo backing can be specified on all carpet tiles when ordering a minimum quantity of 200 m².

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Image of a carpet tile from IVC Commercial with an angle flipped over to show the acoustic backing which is called EcoFlex Echo.

Backing every flooring project with better acoustics

Everyone is entitled to better acoustics and ergonomic comfort. That’s why we've developed a superior backing that considers acoustic insulation, sound absorption and underfoot comfort.

When there’s need for specific technical requirements regarding the acoustics of a space, EcoFlex™ Echo provides the answer.
Compared to a standard backing, EcoFlex™ Echo reduces impact noise by up to 25% and improves sound absorption values by up to 100%.

Offering improved levels of impact sound reduction and sound absorption, EcoFlex™ Echo carpet tiles are built to last. Tested in accordance with the EN1307 standard, EcoFlex™ Echo delivers high quality in all aspects, from dimensional stability and burning behaviour to a perfect seam finish.

Sound absorption values improved by up to 100%
Impact noise reduced by up to 25%

Going beyond acoustics with improved comfort and recycled content

Composed for improved comfort

Dedicated to the future of flooring and the lasting comfort of our customers, we are continuously committed to ensuring the long-term quality of our products. This smart choice of material also ensures a higher level of underfoot comfort and prevents muscle fatigue.

Eco-friendly flooring

Making products more sustainable is an integral part of our innovation and design process. EcoFlex™ Echo’s improved acoustic performance is obtained through an additional layer of 94% recycled polyester felt.

Conceptual image of a concrete structure with many diagonal lines. The floor is covered with a grey carpet tile from IVC Commercial.

How carpet tiles can help improve the acoustics in any space

The extent of required sound insulation and absorption is inextricably linked to the purpose of a space. Office and workspace, housing, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and leisure spaces each face their own unique challenges when it comes to acoustic demands.

Interior view of an office space with a round table and yellow chairs on a grey carpet tile floor: Balanced Hues 989 with EcoFlex Echo acoustic backing.
Interior view of a classroom with two drawing tables on a floor with two types of carpet tiles: Art Exposure Trusted Guide 958 and Creative Spark 979 with EcoFlex Echo acoustic backing.
Interior view of a reception area in a hotel with a pink circle carpet tile with EcoFlex Echo acoustic backing.
Interior view of an hospital area with different zones indicated by the floor plan with Balanced Hues carpet tiles in different colours: yellow, blue and grey. With EcoFlex Echo acoustic backing.

In offices, especially open-space concepts, reducing noise is crucial for concentration and productivity. By minimizing excessive sound employees find it easier to concentrate, perform and come up with creative ideas.

Education environments must balance the need to absorb background noise with the ability for teachers and pupils to be heard clearly.

The hospitality industry is increasingly confronted with acoustic demands. Particularly in hotels and gastronomic restaurants, where calmness is synonymous with luxury, powerful acoustic flooring like EcoFlex™ Echo is invaluable.

In other areas, such as healthcare, peace and quiet are the absolute norm. Clinical populations are generally more sensitive to unwanted sounds.