Mix and Match Carpet Tiles

Our commercial carpet tiles let you explore the creativity and purposeful agility of arrangements in colour with designs made to be mixed and matched.

The Spark of Creativity

At the heart of our new Art Intervention carpet tile collection, lies the Creative Spark palette of 32 colours that coordinate in groups. With vibrant colours of red and purple carpet tiles to neutral tones of beige and brown, purposeful grey and blue to natural green and smart and sophisticated black, the palette is made for any commercial interior. So, whether the project is for an energetic start-up creative studio or a smart and established investment firm, Creative Spark provides a selection of commercial carpet tiles that will fit the mood.

Each of these 32 colours can be found in the plain carpet tile of Creative Spark office flooring from the Art Intervention series which also includes two coordinated linear designs in Expansion Point and Blurred Edge. Forming a group of carpet tiles made to mix and match, Art Intervention unlocks creative floor layouts for a wide range of projects.

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Back to Roots of Flooring

The Rudiments collection takes us back to our flooring roots with carpet tiles inspired by the oldest flooring materials. Teak, Basalt, Jute and Clay build on our innate relationship with flooring materials that have cultural significance born over centuries of use. From Teak’s light and shadow filled design inspired by old parquet floor blocks to Basalt’s bold texture that echoes stone and Jute’s organic textile feel, the effects add a mature and comfortable feel to any mix and match scheme.

And so, Rudiments can be used to add premium feel in areas that demand it. By using Art Intervention carpet tiles in productivity areas and then switching up to Rudiments in receptions, breakouts and lounges, layouts are turbo charged while delivering a flooring scheme that’s appropriate for the use of the area.

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Transition from Carpet Tiles to Carpet Planks

Square carpet tiles offer exceptional flexibility, allowing layouts to be planned with ease, particularly in the random lay carpet tiles of Rudiments. But sometimes there’s a need for a little more creativity. Step in the carpet plank of Clay and Clay Create to bring even more scope to mix and match office flooring schemes. From all-over herringbone to interesting geometric arrangements with solid colour Creative Spark carpet tiles, the possibilities are endless.

Inspired by its significance as a structural and creative material, Clay is a random lay carpet plank that mixes it up in mix and match layouts. Through tonal combinations, the natural looking design elevates flooring schemes both with pattern and form. And by using the transitionary effect of Clay Create, colours can be shifted from one to the next, bringing an organic and undeniably elegant overtone to mix and match schemes.