ELEMENTAL: Interior design that radiates calmness: discover the elemental trend

In these interconnected times, people constantly receive updates of their family, friends and work. As a result, they are overrun by new impulses and start longing for some peace and quiet. Luckily, a new trend is on the rise to bring tranquillity into the home and work place: meet ‘elemental interior design’.

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The trend creates peace of mind by separating rooms into different zones, giving a sense of structure, control and therefore calmness. Moreover, by combining specific colours and materials, elemental design adds a touch of tranquillity in every zone. Find out how to get started on a design that radiates calmness.

How to divide an interior?

You can separate rooms by using different materials, colours or flooring. Why not combine concrete-looking heterogeneous vinyl with light terrazzo vinyl tiles? Make sure your design has plenty of quiet places where people can take a moment for themselves in tranquillity. Furnish these areas with soft furniture and make sure there is natural light. These quiet zones interact with social spaces, dedicated to interaction and shared moments, where you can opt for warmer colours on the walls or floor.

Peacefulness in every room

The elemental colour palette is made up by warm shades and takes its inspiration from the four elements: water, air, fire and earth. Combine them with earnest materials for a peaceful touch in every room. Think: ceramic, stone, limestone textures, brushed steel or bronze, and textured glass.

Another great tip is to apply some natural greens to your design. Plants have multiple benefits: they are pleasant to look at, clear the indoor air and have a proven calming effect. Thus, they are the perfect finishing touch to your design.