Hack The Material
A Flooring Experiment

Hack The Material - A Flooring Experiment is a creative collaboration between IVC Commercial and Design Regio Kortrijk for the Wonder Creativity Festival 2021. IVC Commercial stands for innovation in material and design and places people at the centre of its product design, always focusing on the end user's wellbeing. Hack The Material is a forum to give shape to this philosophy in a creative way.

The Flooring Experiment involves a design team led by Belgian designer Sep Verboom analysing, rethinking and imagining vinyl and carpet tiles with a strong focus on wellbeing. The result will be an artistic installation that can be admired at Wonder, the Kortrijk creativity festival that takes place at the city’s Van Marcke site from 15/10 to 14/11/2021. Afterwards, the installation will become a permanent exhibit at the Flooring Development Centre, IVC Commercial’s showroom in Waregem.

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Presentation of the Hack The Material design team

The Hack The Material team consists of three people: Sep Verboom, senior designer; Isabeau Goddé, young talent designer and Amber Dewaele, young talent designer. This team can count on the support of Elise Bylo, design manager at IVC Group and Justine Huysman, product designer at IVC Commercial.

The team was immersed in a world of flooring material. Vinyl and carpet tiles no longer hold any secrets for them after intensive visits to IVC Commercial production sites in Avelgem and Mouscron. The Flooring Experiment is now really taking shape as they work in complete artistic freedom to hack the material.

Hack The Material - a flooring experiment
Hack The Material - Sep Verboom

Senior Designer and Creative Sep Verboom (1990°) is a designer and a social entrepreneur. He is less concerned with the objectification of the result and more with the context in which it takes place. He is also the founder of the Livable platform.

'I want to investigate how we can  trigger people's imagination with this material'

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Hack The Material - Amber Dewaele
Hack The Material - Isabeau Goddé

Amber Dewaele

Young Talent Designer Amber Dewaele (1997°) is a Belgian designer who is seen as someone that seeks complexity in simplicity. The narrative aspect is an important pillar in her design work.

Isabeau Goddé

Young Talent Designer Isabeau Goddé (1998°) works as a textile designer for Wolvis, a poetic knitwear brand, known for its limited editions of scarves characterised by unusual colour combinations and luxurious textures.

Hack The Material - Elise Bylo
Hack The Material - Justine Huysman

Elise Bylo, Design Manager IVC Group

'I am very curious to see how the designers will view and experience our material'

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Justine Huysman, Product Designer IVC Commercial

'Carpet tiles really contribute to the wellbeing of the people in the room'

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