Entering a new age of hygienic standards - with heterogeneous vinyl

Times of great turmoil, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, change our perspective. COVID-19 has caused us to reshuffle our priorities in all aspects of our lives and will continue to do so. That includes our jobs as contractors, architects and interior designers. More than ever, our focus will be on finding new ways to make our spaces cleaner, easier to maintain and more resistant to germs and bacteria, without losing any of our modern comforts. After all, it’s our job to create spaces where people feel at ease, and that means they should feel safe as well.

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Increased awareness

How we tackle new construction projects, from offices and hotels to schools and care facilities, will irrevocably change. Germ-resistant, easy-to-clean surfaces will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds and more highly demanded than ever. This applies not only for our homes, but in commercial areas – shops, hotels, restaurants, schools, offices and especially care facilities – as well.


Heterogeneous vinyl – the perfect floor for care facilities

Some flooring materials, like heterogeneous vinyl, already meet these requirements. These flooring types will serve as the baseline for further improvements in terms of cleanliness and germ-resistant surfaces. Heterogeneous vinyl floors, for example, are particularly hygienic, as they are easy to clean and coated with a bacteriostatic layer.

Of course, it is important to note that, no matter the type of flooring you choose, it cannot and will not offer protection from the coronavirus. What it can do, however, is contribute to a cleaner, more hygienic environment where other germs and diseases have less of a chance to spread.

The importance of design

In addition to hygiene, there are many other good reasons to choose sheet vinyl flooring for projects in care or education. Heterogeneous vinyl floors come in diverse designs and colours: grey wood motifs, modern concrete structures and even playful yet trendy colours. This is a major advantage in situations where people are required to stay indoors a lot, such as in care facilities. By choosing a beautiful design, we can turn the indoors into a safe haven rather than a prison.

A solid foundation thanks to seamless installation

Furthermore, a heterogeneous floor is quickly installed and available in 2M and 4M widths, which means, in most cases, that a seamless installation is possible. This prevents dirt or water from seeping into the floor. Heterogeneous vinyl also boasts excellent acoustic insulation and is available in a non-slip version, improving the safety of any space.

IVC's heterogeneous vinyl offering: strong, good-looking and safe

IVC’s heterogeneous vinyl floors are ready to tackle any design challenge, while also bringing great acoustic performance and safety measures such as anti-slip or bacteriostatic properties to the table. Combined with its seamless installation and ease of maintenance, this floor is perfect for any project that covers large areas.  

Looking for a floor that sets the new standard for hygiene?

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