Invisiweld versus traditional hot welding - how does it compare?

More often than not, seams in the floor can disrupt the intended design of a space. What’s more, it can be a tripping hazard as well, and it makes cleaning the floor that much more labour-intensive. That’s why IVC developed Invisiweld: the seamless welding technology for heterogeneous vinyl that guarantees a flawless and authentic-looking floor, even across large surface areas.

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How Invisiweld works

Hiding seams between the vinyl sheets, Invisiweld is the only option if you want to deliver a more realistic look to wood and mineral effects, or simply bring a smarter, more polished look to uniform colour. The join that Invisiweld leaves is also stronger than hot welding and leaves nowhere for dirt to build up, avoiding the tell-tale grubby joints often found on vinyl floors in the wild.

Safer to install

For installers, too, Invisiweld offers advantages. The welding technology lets them work quicker and cleaner. It’s also easier to work under difficult site conditions, as there is no need for a mains electricity feed. And with no super-hot guns there’s no risk of burns either.

Heterogeneous vinyl durable, affordable and well-designed

Our heterogeneous vinyl floors are ready to tackle any design challenge, bringing an affordable solution to areas looking for a hardwearing and easy to maintain floor. Made and designed in Belgium, we do our best to ensure that every floor delivers an authentic finish, with a four-metre width available to minimise seams across large areas.

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How to apply Invisiweld for heterogeneous vinyl?