OCCULT - Making magic tangible through interior design

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where magic is real? In this modern age, where everything and everyone is growing more factual, creative designers are looking for inspiration in the otherworldly even more. Many are developing an inclination toward the supernatural and even virtual realities.

This fascination with the unknowable has had an indisputable yet subtle influence on interior design. Think of mystical dark colours, for instance, along with an array of elusive purple tones that blend flawlessly with mysterious objects and organic materials that could very well come from another world.

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Intergalactic design: the sky is no longer the limit

Since the dawn of time, architectural design has been inspired by natural and cultural surroundings: available natural resources, legal restrictions, living and building traditions… Yet, there has always been a subculture of the intangible, which provides a rich breeding ground for a broader design culture – one that is not set on pleasing the eye, but rather on appeasing the spirits.

In Ancient China for instance, curved roofs were supposed to scare the evil spirits away. Meanwhile, blue-painted ceilings were said to ward off ethereal beings in Victorian times. Whatever form or shape it may take, designers have always been drawn to the mysterious and inexplicable to create their own versions of reality.

A subculture of the intangible provided a rich breeding ground
for a broader design culture

A marriage made in the heavens

A classic wooden floor with a herringbone motif is matched with futuristic design objects, giving the space a warm yet surprisingly modern look. A harmonious mixture of the old, the new and the celestial.  

A touch of wood to suit every mood

Natural wood creates warmth and serenity within each interior. Incorporate the neutral base of the wooden flooring into the decorative elements for an elegant, stylish effect.

La vie en pink

Pink is the ultimate trend colour of the moment. Dusty rose turns any room into a beacon of sophistication, for a warm, contemporary look that’s out of this world!

3 design tips from the heavens:

  • Mix it up! Combine classic natural materials and patterns with modern-day touches.
  • Create a look that radiates serenity and tranquillity by using the same materials and colours throughout your entire space.
  • Dare to think pink! You’ll be surprised by the cosiness that comes with it.

Put your faith in our Studio Moods Herringbone Medium Floor