High-quality interiors from cost-conscious floors

Delivering durability and easy maintenance without compromising aesthetic integrity, our vinyl floors and carpet tiles contribute to high-quality interiors while meeting the value needs of projects.


Making good design accessible

For many projects, financial constraints and the need to prioritise durability and maintenance, can mean that compromises are often made in design. With the latest generation solutions, we’re responding to challenge of making good design more accessible. 

IVC Commercial Heterogeneous Vinyl Floor Tempo collection. Student Housing.

More authenticity

Heterogeneous Vinyl flooring is famed for its ability to deliver excellent value in a finish that is durable and easy to maintain. Available in a wide range of material looks, the vinyl flooring can bring a wood or tile effect to high-traffic areas such as corridors and congregation areas, or where there’s a need for a tough, maintenance friendly option such as schools, kindergartens, and aged care.

These natural effects can be enhanced with Tempo, a sheet vinyl floor that shares technology from our LVT to create a premium natural look. It does this without compromising ease of installation, durability or maintenance, ultimately upholding its suitability for cost-sensitive projects. Wood, concrete and terrazzo are rendered with better clarity and with a more refined texture. As a result, projects enjoy authentic natural looks in a floor that’s more appropriate for the task.

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More flexibility

The ability of commercial carpet tiles to provide users with a comfortable experience, sees them relied upon by a wide range of projects where affordability is also a concern. Schools are an excellent example of this, but so too colleges and universities, company offices, public libraries and anywhere where an atmosphere that supports productivity or aids concentration is needed.

Using a solution-dyed nylon yarn, our Art Intervention collection rivals the performance of luxury carpet tiles, but is an affordable solution to improving the comfort, productivity and concentration of users. The collection is founded around versatile combinations of plain and linear carpet tiles that provide the opportunity for layouts to accommodate zoning and adaptable space design. With 32 colours, spaces can build a palette appropriate for use.

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Image of an Art Intervention carpet tile Creative Spark from IVC Commercial. Grey squares.
Image of an Art Intervention carpet tile Creative Spark from IVC Commercial. Orange squares.

Colour explored

Creative Spark is Art Intervention’s solid colour carpet tile. An affordable option with a basic loop pile texture, it forms the base to a successful scheme, providing the chance to explore colour as a way of marking out areas, wayfinding and supporting activity.

Featuring bold hues that are ideal to identify reading areas in primary school classrooms but equally adept at energising office spaces, Creative Spark also contains rich organics such as 646 and 838 to build a connection with the positive influence of the natural environment. The palette also features sophisticated pastels that are ideal for a premium and mature aesthetic in workplaces. Colours are designed to work together so that coordinated schemes that echo the look of high-spec commercial interiors can be achieved with an affordable carpet tile.

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