Design freely with the ultimate in performance

Creating the spaces you want shouldn’t be constrained by the need for performance and so we’ve created Origin 70 luxury vinyl tiles and planks. With a versatile collection of designs, straightforward compatibility with carpet tiles and the durability and performance to withstand intense use, this is easy to install flooring that brings design freedom to high-traffic areas. And as Origin 70 is made in Belgium to be completely recycled, projects benefit from a floor that’s sustainable too.

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Origin 70 makes the ultimate performance simple to achieve

With loose lay installation, an ultra-matt finish and design flexibility

The fast installation and easy removal of our loose lay technology makes Origin 70 a floor that’s simple to embrace in high-traffic locations. Seamless compatibility with carpet tiles and a large pattern for less repeat ensure these very same spaces also benefit from high-level design. And with the ultra-matt and ultra-tough VereneTM coating obtaining a Class 34 wear rating, there’s no doubting its exceptional toughness.

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Designs to capture the experience of nature

Mankind’s instinctive relationship with nature means we find calm and peace in our interactions with the natural world. Origin 70 explores this fundamental connection to enhance our experiences in the great indoors. With the lifelike tactility of ultra matt and embossed in register surfaces and the expanse of extra-large planks that are made for use alongside carpet tiles, Origin 70 harnesses the natural world for the wellbeing of everyone.

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Interior of a meeting room in an office building with Origin 70 luxury vinyl tiles, a flooring collection by IVC Commercial

Seamless compatibility with carpet tiles

Origin 70 is designed for seamless compatibility with our carpet tiles. It all begins with an extra-large plank format that can be used to integrate Origin 70 into carpet tiles without the need for cutting or adapting. With a thickness that creates a level height transition between luxury vinyl tiles and carpet tiles, Origin 70 avoids the need for transition profiles for a floor that looks meant to be. And with natural designs that feature harmonious colours, it’s always a beautifully coordinated look.

VereneTM: an ultra-durable true matt finish

Our advanced VereneTM finish has been developed to provide an ultra-matt look that’s tough and easy to maintain at the same time. This no-compromise innovative technology has a micro-folding that enhances texture on the surface of planks and tiles. This micro-folding optimizes the interaction with light, resulting in an ultra-matt look. What's more, the micro-folding creates a stronger finish to boost scratch and stain performance. VereneTM keeps the Class 34 rated Origin 70 looking great in the high-traffic locations its 0,70 mm wear layer is made for.

Interior of an entry hall in a public building - Origin 70  luxury vinyl tiles - IVC Commercial

Freedom of installation

We’ve given you the freedom to install Origin 70 in the way you choose. With Origin 70 Loose Lay, your project benefits from a fast-fitting floor that works seamlessly with carpet tiles. Or choose the glue-down Origin 70 Dryback for a resilient, high-performance floor.

Build-up showing the different layers in a plank from the Origin 70 Loose Lay collection by IVC Commercial

Origin 70 Loose Lay

Origin 70 Loose Lay’s glass-fibre reinforced layers provide the stability and strength for fast glue-free installation. A reliable choice for refurbishment and projects on a tight timescale, its quality lets you concentrate on designing great looking high-traffic spaces.

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Origin 70 Dryback

In a multi-layer Class 34 construction that features glass-fibre reinforced layers, Origin 70 Dryback is the ultimate in glue-down luxury vinyl tiles.

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  1. VereneTM finish: enhanced scratch and stain performance with an ultra-matt look
  2. Great walking comfort
  3. Fibreglass layer for superior dimensional stability

Origin 70: designed and made in Belgium

We design and manufacture the Origin 70 Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection in Belgium, so you can rest easy in a floor that’s made free of ortho-phthalates for no impact on air quality. And thanks to a 100% recyclable construction, when it’s time to refresh the project, we can recover Origin 70 and recycle it in our very own facility, bringing it right back to where it started.

Interior of a restaurant with Origin 70 luxury vinyl tiles, a flooring collection by IVC Commercial
Picture of a reception hall in an office building showing the different accessories that can be combined with Origin 70 luxury vinyl tiles, a flooring collection by IVC Commercial

A complete solution for flooring

  1. Step-Up entrance mat
  2. Adapter profile
  3. Standard skirting
  4. Pipe covers
  5. End profile
  6. Tackifier

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