Back to the Roots of Flooring

Rudiments takes us back to our roots with random lay mix and match carpet tiles inspired by original flooring materials.

From hewn stone floors and hand-shaped clay tiles to coarsely cut wood blocks and artistic textiles woven from organic threads, Rudiments celebrates the flooring materials that have been closely linked to culture for centuries. In random lay styles that can be mixed up and matched together, Rudiments is made in Belgium for a carpet tile collection that brings new meaning to our connection with natural flooring materials.

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Mix and match carpet tiles

Rudiments is based on the same colours and yarn bank as our Art Intervention collection and Contour collection. This lets you explore the creativity and purposeful agility of arrangements in colour with designs made to be mixed and matched.

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Timeless style inspired by ancient building blocks

Inspired by the significance of the fine-grained soil as a creative and structural material, Clay is a random lay carpet plank that can mix it up in Rudiments layouts.

Clay is inspired by our crafting of the world’s oldest known ceramic material, hand-shaped into the rudimentary building blocks that have protected us for centuries. A carpet plank that adds organic structure to projects, the quality of Clay’s sophisticated design echoes the versatility of a material we have purposed since prehistoric times.

Presented in a selection colours of the Rudiments palette, Clay’s tonal combinations create harmony and present limitless mix and match possibilities. In a random lay plank made to work easily with all Rudiments styles, Clay elevates projects and bring new ways of breaking up spaces.

Clay Create

Playful explorations born from hand-crafted ceramics

Clay Create is a playful random lay pattern that echoes the material’s artistic side with a shifting colour gamut that adds exciting transition possibilities to mix and match Rudiments installs.

Clay Create brings freedom to the Rudiments collection in a transitionary carpet plank that explores the expressive quality of clay as a material with both functional and artistic use. Adding colourful combinations that move us from one hue to the next, the random lay design mirrors the possibilities of new forms that clay stimulates.

With 12 energising colourways, Clay Create brings a spirit of adventure to schemes. Mix and matching in countless combinations, Clay Create can be used to explore changing modes of activity, direction and transition in a random lay carpet plank that provides opportunity to explore the craft of good floor design.

Metallic Clay
Metallic accents to enhance elemental structures 

Metallic Clay fuses the foundational flooring materials that inspire Rudiments with mankind’s pursuit to craft the new through a metallic thread that brings depth in a random lay carpet plank.

With an organic design that widens possibilities, Metallic Clay is a transitionary carpet plank that explores our adoption and adaptation of natural materials to realise new forms and decorations. Adding elemental highlights that echo our desire to enhance organic structures and create new meaning, Metallic Clay brings new possibilities to Rudiments layouts.

In nine spirited and shining colourways, Metallic Clay brings design versatility to Rudiments schemes. Mix and matching in countless combinations, Metallic Clay can be used to provide an accent to support changing activities across the floor plane.

Bold texture to echo age-old stone 

Rooted in ancient and timeworn stone blocks, Basalt is a random lay carpet tile to add bold texture in mix and match schemes that take flooring back to its roots.

Basalt takes its direction from the mineral-rich formations found in volcanic rock, creating a random organic pattern well-suited to adding bold texture across large areas. The rise and fall of Basalt’s structure echoes its origins as a material of ancient culture, connecting us with nature and history in a surprising way.

The random lay design is available in all 12 colours of the Rudiments carpet tile collection. By blending functional colours with complementing trend hues, Basalt’s duo-tone colourways are both practical and inspirational, mixing and matching to bring balance to commercial interiors.

The elegance of woven natural textiles 

Born from hand-woven natural textiles, Jute is a mix and match carpet tile that gives a subtle and undeniably elegant look to schemes exploring the cultural significance of flooring.

The coarsely spun plant threads of woven hessian bring natural meaning to the subtle and elegant Jute. This all-over design inspired by the earliest hand-woven floors, offers a subtle approach to the use of texture across open areas, its pattern mirroring the cossetting effect of organic textiles for a carpet tile that relaxes the spirit.

Jute comes in all 12 colours of the Rudiments collection, using combinations that blend functional colours with complementing trend hues for mix and match combinations that bring harmony to commercial projects.

Structure built on our connection to wood 

Exploring our innate connection with wood, Teak is a random lay carpet tile with a structured look and a casual touch for endless mix and match possibilities.

Teak’s beginnings can be found in the light and shade thrown by oiled blocks arranged in arbitrary geometric patterns, setting a structured yet casual aesthetic across open spaces. The pattern echoes varying block heights, bringing random bright lifts and dark depths that add a surprising graphic dimension to this naturalistic carpet tile.

Mixed and matched with other styles from Rudiments, Teak’s well-balanced tonal combinations are a sophisticated random lay addition to today’s commercial interiors.

Image of a carpet tile from IVC Commercial with an angle flipped over to show the acoustic backing which is called EcoFlex Echo.

Choose your backing to match your requirements

All of the Rudiments styles are available on our proven EcoFlexTM Statera backing. For those projects where extra acoustic performance is required, 3 colours in both the Basalt and Jute are also available from stock with the EcoFlexTM Echo backing: 569 – 959 – 989.

Download the EcoFlex Echo Brochure