Carpet Tiles add style to central Moscow workplace

Our Art Style carpet tiles have been used in the refurbishment of the spacious office of a Russian media holding in the centre of Moscow.

  • Location: Moscow (RUS)
  • Sector: Office
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles
  • Surface: 2.500 m²

An appealing aesthetic that reflects the office’s interior

Our Carpet Tiles have been used in the refurbishment of the office space of a Russian media holding in the centre of Moscow, Russia.

The company called on the architectural bureau ABD Architects, which in turn decided to partner up with ATITOKA for construction works. ATITOKA chose IVC Commercial as a flooring supplier.

Our carpet tiles provide an elegant solution to the challenge of creating a common identity across the entire space and meeting the practical challenges of a busy office. Using our Art Style carpet tiles ensures the wear, stain and fade resistance and ease of maintenance.

The mix of Disruptive Path and Shared Path carpet tiles complements each area within the space. A neutral solid background colour echoes the grey hues of the walls, while bright accents enhance the lavender hues of the furniture and decoration. The vertical ashlar installation creates texture, depth, and movement in the corridors and open spaces, bringing a sense of modernity and universal appeal. Our strong, maintenance-friendly, and sound-absorbing carpet tiles withstand wear and tear from foot traffic, spills and chairs, providing easy maintenance and replacement. 

“The priorities for the flooring were clear: a quality product in design and performance that was ready to tackle the daily challenges of a busy office environment. We opted for graphic IVC Commercial Carpet Tiles. The Art Style collection delivered a range of grey tones that connect the space, reflecting the walls hues, while it’s bright electrifying accents enhance the lavender hues of the furniture and decoration.”

Evgeniy Morgunov, project manager, Atitoka

“I love this project with all my heart. We had an amazing team and achieved a fantastic result. I didn’t want this project to end so soon. It’s a rather easy task for an experienced architect to create an office with hottest trends, but to achieve the architectural integrity and a cosy atmosphere is certainly trickier. This is what we’ve done in this project.”

Sofia Tkach, chief project architect ABD architects.