Deutsche Bahn furnishes offices with Creative Spark carpet tiles

Carpet tiles of the Creative Spark design from IVC's Art Intervention collection convinced Deutsche Bahn to furnish its new offices in cube berlin.

  • Location: Berlin (DE)
  • Sector: Office
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles
  • Surface: 2.500 m²

Upcycling with 2500 m² Creative Spark: Working sustainably in the cube Berlin

The cube berlin is found in a prime location. The architecturally spectacular building was developed by CA Immo as a "smart", fully digitalised building. This makes the operation of the building significantly more efficient and enables numerous additional services for office tenants. The cube berlin was already fully let before completion.

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Remarkable and eye-catching architecture

The cube-shaped building is located directly between the main station and the Spreebogen, opposite the Federal Chancellery and the government quarter. With an edge length of 42,5 metres, it looks like an abstract, modern sculpture from the outside. The architectural design was created by the renowned architectural office 3XN from Copenhagen. The environment is reflected in the folded glass façade, like a kaleidoscope. Depending on the time of day, the appearance of the building changes constantly, but the surroundings are also reinterpreted again and again. Dynamic incisions in the façade create terraces for the tenants on the 10 upper floors of the building. The incisions run along an entire side of the building, whereby the direction of the compass changes from floor to floor. This creates a relationship between the surroundings and the building. The roof terrace, which is also sculpturally designed, offers additional usage possibilities for the tenants.  

An urban building that sets a new technical standard

The interior of the cube berlin has also been rethought and not only designed for the requirements of today, but also of tomorrow: an urban building that sets a new technical standard. As a Smart Commercial Building, the cube berlin has intelligent building technology which optimally adapts to the needs of its users. It was developed as a green building in compliance with strict sustainability criteria.

Sustainability as a decision criterion

One of the tenants, Deutsche Bahn, has moved into the fourth and fifth floors. Deutsche Bahn's objective was to implement an upcycling concept. When selecting the floor, the decisive criteria was a high recycling rate. The carpet tiles of the Creative Spark design were captivating and laid on 2.500 square metres in the open space area of their main floors and Think Tank. Creative Spark doesn’t only score in terms of sustainability. The diverse designs and colours of the Creative Spark line of the Art Intervention collection offer many design and zoning options.

The textured and robust carpet tiles made of Colorstrand® yarn, a solution dyed premium nylon yarn, are extremely hard-wearing and were developed for intensive use. The yarn is produced with 40 percent recycled content and delivers both lasting beauty and added value, performing exceptionally well in commercial spaces. The EcoFlex™ Statera backing is lighter than comparable PVC products, making it easier to install and cheaper to transport. Composed of modified bitumen and 70 percent recycled limestone, EcoFlex™ Statera is a showpiece of sustainable design.

For IVC, the focus on sustainable construction is an important strategic approach for its own business orientation. Environmentally friendly production, recycling processes, wind turbines and solar panels are just some of the measures the Belgian flooring manufacturer is implementing with a view to the environment and a better future.

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