Evansville Vanderburgh School

For the renovation of flooring in three school buildings, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) was determined to find an easily maintainable and sustainable solution its learning climate would benefit from. The district’s choice fell on IVC’s QuickShip Program.

  • Location: Indiana (USA)
  • Sector: Education
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles, Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Surface: 2500 m²

EVSC improves its learning climate with IVC carpet tiles and LVT

As EVSC is home to 22,000 students, the public school district has plenty of spaces with varying needs in terms of flooring. “Since we don’t have the money to replace carpets every 10 or 12 years, our preference goes out to sustainable products,” CFO Pat Tuley explains. When the school corporation considered renovating the flooring in three schools, IVC representative Neil Bogenschutz recommended EVSC his company’s QuickShip Program. The school corporation received the offer with open arms.

Free choice of color and style

In choosing for QuickShip, Evansville-Vanderburgh gained access to hundreds of directly available products. “IVC’s turnaround time was unbelievably short, which enabled us to get the flooring immediately installed.” Tuley was also impressed with the broad selection of soft and hard surface products. “I was pleasantly surprised by the choices we had. Due to the short delivery times, we had expected QuickShip items to be limited in color and style. We found the opposite to be true.”

EVSC decided on two QuickShip products: Get Smart carpet tile and Select Step LVT plank. For office and administration spaces in Reitz High School and Harwood School, the schools opted for Get Smart’s Kinesthetic carpet tile pattern in Cocoa. Get Smart Kinesthetic in Peacock and Select Step Stone plank in Bronze Kona were selected for a classroom in Tekoppel Elementary School.

Maintainable equals sustainable

Both items perform well with respect to maintenance. Each Select Step LVT plank features an enhanced urethane finish and a heavy commercial wear layer. As such, spills are cleaned up in no time, reducing the need for costly replacements.

Get Smart likewise boasts a long service life: the carpet tiles are manufactured with Duracolor premium nylon, known for its stain-resistance features, and EcoFlex NTX backing, which renders the floor impervious to moisture damage coming from spills and water extraction cleaning. Another money-saving benefit: in case the carpet does get damaged, it can be replaced on a tile-by-tile basis.

On to an agreeable learning climate

With their modern crosshatching, Get Smart planks envelop spaces in an energetic glow. Since the flooring does not contain any Red List materials and has a CRI Green Label Plus, it it creates a healthy learning environment for students. When an attached cushion is added to its EcoFlex NTX backing, Get Smart also offers a 40% reduction of sound transmission in comparison with standard carpet, which results into quiet classrooms that stimulate concentration. The influence of learning environments as such on students’ academic success should not be underestimated; agreable class rooms spark creativity, improve well-being and facilitate collaboration.

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