BMW event, the story of luxury

For its BMW Luxury Days, BMW Belgium teamed up with several partners, including IVC. Our flooring solutions and the latest BMW models: a match made in heaven.

  • Location: Antwerp (BE)
  • Product Category: Luxury vinyl tiles, Heterogeneous vinyl
  • Surface: 1360 m²

BMW Belgium teams up with IVC

The Story of Luxury. From April 23 to April 27, BMW Belgium organised the BMW Luxury Days at its headquarters in Bornem, Antwerp. At this exclusive event, which spanned 5 evenings during each of which 420 guests were welcomed, the car company introduced its brand-new Pure Emotions programme, as well as its luxurious GKL series. Several premium brands, including IVC Beyond Flooring, were in charge of creating an unforgettable experience for BMW’s clients. Our weapons of choice? The Moduleo 55 and Concept 70 ranges.

Flawless flooring for an automotive feast

To ensure a suitably luxurious experience for their guests, BMW worked together with IVC and several other premium partners: Taittinger, Montblanc, Natan, Emirates,…

The result was a divine evening for all involved, with delicious food, exclusive outfits and of course the stars of the catwalk: BMW’s latest luxury models, which are yet to be revealed to the public!

Flawless flooring for an automotive feast

An impressive 1000m² of Moduleo 55 Impressive Mustang Slate 70928, a luxurious and stylish LVT design, was used to create an eye-catching elegant central circle for the reception area. IVC also provided its Flexpro underlay for the event, which guaranteed a perfectly finished floating installation, ready for immediate use.

To provide the stunning BMW luxury models with a gorgeous backdrop worthy of their grandeur, IVC also provided 360 m² of Concept 70 Pinnacles T90 for the catwalk, an exceptionally beautiful design from one of our heterogeneous vinyl ranges.

This collaboration came about thanks to IVC’s event partner Fast Forward, who brought these premium brands in their own respective markets together.

Want to experience the luxury of IVC’s flooring solutions for yourself? Browse our Moduleo 55 and Concept 70 collections.