Infor chooses carpet tiles and luxury vinyl for design and durability

More than 1,500m² of our flooring solutions - two thirds carpet tiles and one third LVT - were installed in three workplace locations of software producer Infor.

  • Location: Barneveld, Den Bosch, Utrecht (NL)
  • Sector: Corporate & office
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles, Luxury vinyl tiles, LayRed 55
  • Surface: 1500 m²

Infor has opted for IVC Commercial's floor solutions not once, not twice, but three times because of its durability and design.

In the past two years, three of the five Dutch branches of software manufacturer Infor have been equipped with our Carpet Tile and LVT solutions, with design and durability convincing them every time.

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Three locations - 11 flooring solutions

Infor is an American company that provides software to 68,000 organizations worldwide. The company is characterised by a no-nonsense culture, but it is also a creative organization that focuses on innovation and sustainability. It is precisely on these themes that the global player recognises itself in IVC Commercial’s vision.

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“No fewer than three of our locations were equipped with a mix of Carpet Tiles and LVT from IVC Commercial. The wide range made it possible to choose the right flooring solution for any application,” says Herman van Beek, Technical Project Lead at Infor. “Moreover, that offer meets our high expectations in terms of appearance, quality, acoustics and sustainability. In total, we are talking about more than 1,500m² of flooring, of which two thirds are carpet tiles and one third LVT.”

For the offices in Barneveld, Infor chose Trusted Guide 858 from the Art Exposure carpet tile collection, with a pattern inspired by modern architecture. Ecosphere 978 and 949 from the Expedition One collection was paired to this, its textured striations with scaled undertones, inspired by woods and forests.

In addition to these carpet tiles, two different LVT floors from the Moduleo 55 Impressive collection were used: Laurel Oak 51822, a classic and elegant natural effect floor and Country Oak 54880, a rustic and contemporary look with a varying colour palette with striking features. Our Moduleo 55 Impressive floors feature an emboss-in-register finish for a more authentic look and feel. The stairs in the entrance hall were also finished with Country Oak LVT.

The floor tells its own story

Den Bosch is a bit of an outsider. Buro voor interieurarchitektuur, formed by interior designers Laura van der Gun and Marleen van Boxtel, created an interior scheme for this location. The practice stands for well thought-out designs in which the choices are always based on quality and long-term authenticity.

Apart from the rounded shape of the building, the design and materials of the floor tell their own story, drawing a diagonal line running through the entire office space, static workplaces and meeting rooms collide with the diagonal line of the floor. A palette of materials creates the right atmosphere both aesthetically and functionally. The effect has been achieved with Brushed Metal 20830 LVT from our Moduleo 55 Tiles collection in meeting rooms and Ecosphere 739 and 869 carpet tiles from the Expedition One collections in workspaces.

A warm welcome

While Barneveld and Den Bosch are mainly reserved for employees, the offices in Utrecht are also used to receive customers. Here Infor aimed for a business-like, yet warm and welcoming floor with a combination of Trusted Guide 989 from the Art Exposure carpet tile collection and two LVT floors: Blackjack Oak 22937 and Jura Stone 46960.

The ideal partner

“IVC Commercial presented itself as the best possible partner. We are very satisfied with the quality and diversity of the brand’s flooring solutions and experienced a way of working together that showed passion. You can clearly see that in the result which meets our high expectations,” concludes Herman van Beek.

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