Omgevingsdienst Rivierenland: go with the flow

Where rivers flow, inspiration runs wild: the Dutch environmental department, Rivierenland, opted for IVC carpet tiles to floor their spacious new offices.

  • Location: Zaltbommel (NL)
  • Sector: Office
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles
  • Surface: 1.500 m²

Omgevingsdienst Rivierenland: IVC carpet tiles that go with the flow

Omgevingsdienst “Rivierenland” safeguards the conservation of waterways in the Netherlands. Much like rivers, the organisation’s employees are constantly in motion within the office. Designer Patty Meesters of Lensen was inspired by this dynamic and open corporate culture: “I wanted my design to flow as freely as the people.”

Outgrowing its cramped office space, Omgevingsdienst Rivierenland decided to swap buildings with its neighbours. Doing so offered the chance to redesign their new condo from scratch, and inspiration for their new office interior came easily.

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Tailormade design

As part of the creative process, Designer Patty Meesters teamed up with a dedicated task force composed of employees of the environmental organisation to understand how it operates. “Together, we played an interactive game that allowed me to really connect with their new way of working: independent of time and location, roaming from one flex desk to another, and ultimately flowing back together to exchange ideas.

Following the stream

To convert this open culture into an interior design, the flow of a river is a common thread. “Varied lining throughout the entire floor covering represents the stream: a subtle line in the corridor leads to two central meeting points where the ambiance erupts. There, we’ve created an amenable seating area for people to gather and exchange ideas.”

“We opted for IVC carpet tiles for their acoustic comfort and ability to withstand shock and vibration.”

Patty Meesters, interior designer at Lensen

Mother nature also inspired the main colours of the design: blue and green. “Not only are those part of the corporate identity of Omgevingsdienst Rivierenland, they also represent the atmosphere of the space. Blue complements the corporate vibe of the meeting rooms, while green signifies serenity. Large doors create an optical illusion of a stream running through the hallways.”

IVC made it happen

“Finding the carpet tiles in the right colour to execute the design seemed tricky at first due to the long delivery times of various flooring companies we contacted”, Patty goes on to say. “Not so with IVC: thanks to their speedy service, we were able to execute our ambitious plans seamlessly.

”And it’s not just about the timing. “We believed that IVC carpet tiles were best suited thanks to their beautiful seamless joints. To completely match the preferred colour scheme, IVC even produced a special Disruptive Path version within their Art Style collection. IVC delivered rapidly and gave us a customised product: that's a double win”, Patty concludes.

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