Hotel Radisson Blu Astrid

The iconic hotel Radisson Blu Astrid in Antwerp, has undergone a complete metamorphosis. The exclusive flooring in the banquet hall and breakfast room is the result of strong teamwork between IVC’s design team and interior designer Alex Kravetz.

  • Location: Antwerp (BE)
  • Sector: Hospitality & leisure
  • Product Category: Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Surface: 400 m²

IVC designs exclusive flooring for Radisson Blu Astrid

Designed by the renowned architect Michael Graves, Radisson Blu Astrid offers a glimpse into Antwerp’s stunning 19th-century architecture. In order to regain its former grandeur, the hotel was renovated from top to bottom. London-based Alex Kravetz and IVC’s Moduleo design team joined forces for this achievement. They redesigned all guest and meeting rooms to offer a timeless setting, and modernised the breakfast room and banquet hall in terms of the flooring used.

‘Hungarian Point’ in customized colours

For the oval banquet hall, IVC and Kravetz used Moduleo Moods Flooring as a starting point. Stefan Cnapelynck, project consultant at IVC Group, describes the design process: “We opted for Moduleo Moods Chevron – also named ‘Hungarian Point’ – but customised the colour. From the centre of the room, we laid out Moods Chevron strips in 8 different directions. As such, a masterpiece was created; a pattern of octagonal stars stretching from the very centre of the room to the walls.”

Experimenting with wood colours

The breakfast room in Radisson Blu Astrid is inspired by nature, explains Cnapelynck: “Our design team decided on a customised XL diamond pattern, in which colours from the IVC IMPRESS wood collection daringly interplay; an idea was based on the Origami Moods pattern. To complete the picture, we stylishly framed the room with Moduleo Impress standard planks.”

“In terms of aesthetics, you can hardly distinguish the end result from actual wood, whereas this floor is more water-resistant and less susceptible to damage compared to parquet and laminate,” Cnapelynck concludes.

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