Shoe store SchoenenZaken

Dutch shoe store SchoenenZaken lifts the business of men’s shoes to a new level. It’s a trendy store where the stunning LVT floor fashionably fits the shoes.

  • Location: Groningen (NL)
  • Sector: Retail
  • Product Category: Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Surface: 150 m²

When the shoe fits the floor … picture frame vinyl tiling at Dutch retail store

At SchoenenZaken, a Dutch retail store for men’s shoes in Groningen, grabbing attention is everything – and we’re not just talking about the shoes. With its unique vintage design, the stunning IVC LVT floor is certainly an eyecatcher. “The floor adds to our customer experience”, asserts store co-owner Joël Timmerman. “Can you name another type of store where everyone is constantly looking down?” 

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A floor to match the shoe

Walking into the trendy shop, it immediately becomes clear that this is not your regular shoe store. Shop owners Joël Timmerman, Paul Vetter and Thies Nicolai are committed to an authentic concept: unique, high-quality shoes along with customized service. They do so with an eye for beauty and detail, both in the shoes they sell and in their presentation. “We wanted the floor to be the picture frame enclosing the masterpiece that is the shoe”, says Timmerman. The Moduleo 55 Impressive collection from IVC turned out to be the perfect match.

Making old look modern

To highlight the authenticity of the shop, the trio opted for a Country Oak 54852 LVT floor, placed in the Hungarian point pattern with subtle button detailing. This ancient, shifting pattern, featuring planks layered in angles, resembles the traditional herringbone motif – although with slightly different geometry – while creating a surprisingly contemporary effect. The same material was extended onto the walls to ensure seamless elegance and style.

In the studio, the team went for Diamond 226, a playful combination of Country Oak 54991, Verdon Oak 24117, Verdon Oak 24280 from the Studio Moods collection. “The cubic shapes, also known as diamond origami, created a beautiful 3D effect", reveals Timmerman.

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Tailored to our needs

For the realisation of the project, the trio teamed up with ‘Binnenbrand’, a team of Dutch brand environmental architects. “We had worked with their design before, so we knew what to expect. They were able to translate our wishes into a concept where we feel completely at home," continues Timmerman. “The result is absolutely breathtaking: a combination of both vintage and the postmodern abstract Memphis style makes the shop look old and new at the same time. We are truly the talk of the town.”