Trinity College

Trinity College Dublin’s department of Computer Science and Statistics wanted to upgrade the spaces used to accommodate its new MSc in Computer Science department. The top floor of the 1970s built, concrete frame structure looked dull and uninspiring. However, Mahoney Architecture noticed its potential and took on the challenge.

  • Location: Dublin (IE)
  • Sector: Education
  • Product Category: Carpet tiles

An upgrade for the IT classrooms of Trinity College

Even with a limited budget and a tight timeframe, Mahoney Architecture managed to make the 600m² space more reminiscent of an actual IT company. Open spaces, an industrial look and vibrant accent colours make for an inspiring space where academia meets professionalism.

A swift flooring solution

When looking for the right flooring partner, architect Elaine Mahoney considered several companies but ended up choosing ROC Agencies. “It was very professional and offered an excellent range of products,” Elaine Mahoney explains. “Since we had already decided on carpet tiles, the specialist’s quick turnaround time also worked in its favour. We only had 16 weeks to finish the entire project and had a strict deadline: the students would be filing-in come January. Fortunately, thanks to IVC and ROC Agencies’ help and responsiveness, we got our order delivered in record time and were able to finish the project as planned.”

Carpet tiles and computers: a perfect match

“The broad range of carpet tiles IVC offered, was another selling point for us,” Elaine continues. “We were looking for a durable, long-lasting and hardwearing material as well as a vibrant pop of colour to give the space extra character. Because it was still a university building, we couldn’t go too bold, so we decided on a strip of orange on a dark grey canvas as a feature piece.”

Carpet tiles were the perfect flooring solution in terms of absorbing sound, impact and static. Being able to lift the carpet tiles back out in order to get to the floor below was a huge bonus. That way, wires and hardware could be hidden, but were still accessible if maintenance or repairs were required.

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