In 2018, two Dutch housing corporations – Viveste and Volksbelang – merged into one. For their brand-new head office, the remixed Viveste aimed for the stars: the design and office layout had to reflect a strong anchorage in the region and make all employees feel at ease while maintaining strong business appeal.

Design: Studio Westgeest

Photography: Selma Hengeveld

  • Location: Bunnik (NL)
  • Sector: Office
  • Product Category: Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Surface: 800 m²

Discover the Viveste office: professional and homely

Architect Judith Westgeest of studio Westgeest answered these demands with eye-catching design, a sophisticated colour palette and well-considered flooring choices. With its bold and creative look, the Viveste office aims to boost job satisfaction and facilitate coworking and the development of unique ideas.

In harmony with the environment

As a housing corporation, Viveste seeks to display its knowledge of and dedication to the region it operates in. By incorporating topographical maps of the surrounding area in the office doors and walls, Westgeest reflected this focus on locality quite literally. The link with the environment is also symbolised in a subtler way in the choice of colours and materials. Light green paint on the walls, light blue suspended ceilings and yellow accents: the colours of the topographical map come alive in the office. The wooden walls in the central space and the wooden look of the flooring add to the natural atmosphere. An all-around design option, matching a wide variety of interiors with its timeless elegance and smoothness.

“Just like the houses in Viveste’s sales and rental portfolio, its office is more than just a building: it’s a space where people connect and creativity flows.”

A workplace that feels like home

The second criterion was to merge a professional-looking working environment with a ‘chill and fun’ factor. That’s why Studio Westgeest completely opened up the office. With most partitions removed, the architect had to be creative to structure the space. That’s why she selected two different flooring types, each with a different look and feel. Warm, natural-looking vinyl with a wood motif from IVC’s Moduleo collection was laid in informal working spaces, whereas formal meeting rooms were finished with a soft and inviting grey carpet tile.

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