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The end game for multi-family, student and social housing projects is to deliver a living environment that is comfortable for a wide demographic of residents with many different needs, but that also delivers value throughout the life cycle. Our flooring solutions contribute to achieving this, giving you the freedom to design a floor that’s supportive to occupiers, while durable and easy to maintain throughout all areas of the building.

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A wide range of floors for design freedom

Our luxury vinyl tiles, carpet tiles and heterogeneous vinyl floors let you design more inspiring and supportive homes in multi-family, student and social housing projects. With a focus on design, you can enjoy welcoming natural looks in wood and stone, contemporary finishes and unicolour looks for all your projects with a solution that delivers value throughout the building.

A wide range of designs in durable and easy to maintain solutions, including problem solvers for challenges such as installation and acoustics, mean that you do not need to compromise, achieving a floor finish that’s long-lasting and easy to care for. So, whether its luxury vinyl flooring for apartment living areas in multi-family housing or heterogeneous vinyl in social housing, our multi-category floors give you design freedom.

And just to make things a little easier, you can easily download design patterns and textures of our housing flooring solutions for use in you building models. 

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Grey stone effect vinyl floor in a housing setting - flooring for housing by IVC Commercial

Floors for the wellbeing of everyone

With a diverse demographic of tenants occupying multi-family, student and social housing projects, our wide range of flooring designs can help to provide an interior that is welcoming and relaxing for everyone.

Interior view of an open kitchen and living room with a stone effect vinyl floor - flooring for housing by IVC Commercial

Visual Design

Through authentic and original designs and relaxing colours, our flooring solutions build a connection to the natural world to ensure your housing project benefits from a material and colour palette that supports a wide demographic of tenants.


Through a finish that absorbs the impact of footfall to reduce stress on joints and muscles and which is comfortable to walk on, warm and tactile to touch; our floors improve comfort in living and amenity spaces to support the wellbeing of occupants.


Our acoustic solutions support the wellbeing of tenants by making living and amenity areas quieter. Reducing the sound of footsteps and noise from floors above, and helping to quieten background noise and conversation, they are available in a wide range of designs.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has an impact on wellbeing, so we make sure that our floors exceed the most stringent worldwide standards in use. For extra reassurance, our Origin 55 and Origin 70 luxury vinyl tiles are 100% ortho-phthalate free. Our attention to indoor air quality means our floors have no negative impact on indoor air quality – a fact underlined by A+, DGNB, GUT and FloorScore® certification.

IVC Commercial floors exceed the most stringent worldwide standards: France’s A+ label, Germany’s DIBt/AgBB, DGNB and GUT and the USA’s FloorScore® certification. 
IVC Commercial floors can contribute positively  to BREEAM, LEED, WELL, DGNB and Greenstar.

Housing flooring heroes

From luxury vinyl tiles, to heterogeneous vinyl, our multi-category housing heroes are the ideal flooring solutions for your housing project. Contributing to comfortable environments that support wellbeing for residents, they also provide the durability and ease of maintenance needed to bring value throughout your housing.

Origin 55 Dryback

Origin 55 luxury vinyl tiles provide original and natural looks in a durable and easy to maintain floor that’s suitable for living and communal spaces in premium housing projects.

Origin 30 Dryback

Origin 30 is the affordable luxury vinyl tiles for housing projects. A range of natural effects give a relaxed and comfortable feel in a floor that’s easy to maintain.


With a realistic surface finish, Tempo is the heterogeneous vinyl floor for housing projects needing an affordable and easy maintenance solution for living and communal areas. 

Concept 70

The ultimate multi-layer heterogeneous vinyl floor that offers design versatility with top class performance. With a super tough wear layer, it’s made for the most demanding areas.

Durability and quality for a more sustainable floor

Designed and manufactured in Belgium with a REACH supply chain that means we know where all materials come from; our flooring solutions for multi-family, student and social housing have the quality and durability needed for a floor that lasts.

Our flooring solutions include 100% recyclable options. What’s more, all our factories employ energy, resource and emission reducing systems to lower the impact of production and we use inland waterways wherever possible to keep trucks off the road.

Contributing to green building standards like BREEAM, LEED, WELL, DGNB and Greenstar, and with EPDs available, our multi-category flooring solutions can make a difference for your sustainable housing project. 

Panoramic view of the Avelgem Belgium production site showing the windmills - clean energy
Interior view of a hallway in an social housing project with a wood effect herringbone vinyl floor - flooring for housing by IVC Commercial

Your housing project specialists

Our team of housing specialists are experts in helping you to develop multi-housing, student and social housing flooring specifications. They will guide you through the right solutions to build value and create an inspiring design for tenants. Our website also has easy to download design patterns and textures of our housing flooring solutions for use in your building models, making design simple. 

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