Office flooring that supports productivity and wellbeing

The modern workplace faces a sizeable challenge in supporting productivity and wellbeing across a huge diversity of ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our Carpet Tile and Luxury Vinyl Tiles solutions are a response to this need, bringing modern office flooring that supports workers in their comfort and tasks while building a positive emotional response to the space.

Multi-category flooring solutions for today’s workplaces

The design of the office has been transformed by changing tasks and the way in which we engage and interact with colleagues. Agile workspaces that can adapt to a more flexible approach, support multiple activities, collaboration and creativity are now in demand.

Through careful design the choice of modern office flooring can provide this agility, while providing an answer to the practical needs of workplaces. It can also help to support the tasks undertaken in specific office areas, supporting productivity and contributing to the wellbeing of employees. For example, office carpet tiles are the perfect choice for areas focused on productivity, while modular vinyl excels in areas that may be used for a variety of activities, offering informal work areas, congregation and catering.  

The focus of workplace design is shifting from simply accommodating tasks to spaces that support people carrying out tasks. The practical and psychological impact of space and how it affects productivity and wellbeing is being recognised and valued. Flooring’s ability to meet these challenges through function should not be underestimated.

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Our office flooring heroes


With a beginning rooted in foundational materials, Rudiments is a fundamental carpet tile collection for changing face of offices.

Balanced Hues

The two contrasting yet complementary tones found in every Balanced Hues carpet tile create a strong base for agile layouts.

Matrix 70 Loose Lay

Matrix 70 Loose Lay planks and tiles are easy to lift, remove and reuse; making it a hassle-free solution for office and workplace projects.

LayRed 55

LayRed 55 engineered vinyl flooring brings a commercial office floor that's easy to install, comfortable and quiet. Available in a range of authentic wood and stone effects.

Supporting wellbeing in offices

The awareness of wellbeing and the recognition that the workforce is a company’s biggest asset has seen a shift in how the design of office space is approached. The link between a poorly designed and functioning space and the wellbeing of employees has been clearly established.

Spaces that are fit for purpose are focused on the needs of users, provide a supportive environment, not just in terms of productivity but also in terms of the physical and mental comfort of employees.

Comfort in offices

Our multi-category flooring solutions can provide comfort with a finish that’s appropriate for use. Our commercial office carpet tiles provide a high level of underfoot comfort in defined working and collaboration areas. With carpet tiles providing good acoustic performance, task concentration can be improved through a reduction in unwanted noise.

For multi-activity areas needing a durable and easy to maintain floor surface that delivers a natural aesthetic, Luxury Vinyl Tiles are an attractive choice. Office vinyl flooring solutions such as LayRed 55 can offer improved walking and acoustic comfort, while providing the authentic natural and material looks that makes modular vinyl floors a popular option.

Interior view - office flooring - office & workplace - IVC Commercial - Carpet Tiles - Creative Sparks - comfortable floors
Interior view - office flooring - office & workplace - IVC Commercial - Carpet Tiles - Wellbeing in offices

Emotional support

While the emotional needs of users are complex and diverse, mankind’s fundamental connection to the natural world is known to trigger a positive emotional response in most people. By understanding this relationship, it is possible to use floor finishes in a manner that supports emotional wellbeing. 

Authentic wood and stone finishes, such as those found in Moduleo 55 Luxury Vinyl Tiles can help to build this connection, mirroring the look and texture of natural materials. . Through an improved sense of comfort and colours and textures inspired by nature, or that support concentration and activity, carpet tiles can also trigger a positive emotional response to the space.

Floors right for the task

With solutions designed for the challenges of offices, we provide floors that can support the multiple tasks undertaken in today’s workplaces. Through the effective use of design and colour, as well as category specification according to functional requirements, IVC Commercial office floors can support tasks.

Selecting floors in colours, patterns and materials to aid concentration, relax or stimulate creativity ensures an appropriate response to the mental needs of users, so they can be supported to carry out their tasks well. With a depth of design and colour choice across flooring categories, our solutions can help layouts to achieve a suitable specification.

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Responsibly made solutions

Our floors are designed and made in Europe in state-of-the-art production facilities as we work to develop a circular approach to the future of flooring. Our Carpet Tiles are designed and produced in Belgium.

Through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) we produce Environmental Profile Declarations (EPD) for the entire life cycle of IVC Commercial floors. Addressing all key environmental issues, EPDs are a great way to fairly assess the true impact of the flooring materials you choose.

Partnering with an externally licensed assessment agency, we also calculate contributions to BREEAM, LEED, WELL, DGNB and Greenstar. As a result, our floors can be used in environmentally accredited buildings and projects.

With the industry’s largest PVC recycling plant, renewable energy and a 100% European supply chain, we’re working towards cutting out CO² emissions and achieving closed-loop production for our Carpet Tiles, LVT and Heterogeneous Vinyl floors by 2040.

Cover of the brochure Sustainability Whitepaper talking about the IVC Commercial Journey to 2040

Making great design affordable

Our factories are some of the newest in the world and this allows us to create innovative solutions that make office flooring design easier to implement.

Loose lay solutions and installation technologies such as Flex Pro self-adhesive underlay make our Carpet Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Tiles suitable for modern office requirements. From working with raised access flooring to creating transitions between different flooring types, we have a solution to overcome the challenge.

For the performance and functional needs of offices and workspaces, our floors make great office design more affordable, allowing the creation of layouts that can support productivity and wellbeing.

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