INTUITIVE - How interior design helps rekindle your intuition

Do you sometimes feel like your inner compass is out of whack? Like the tsunami of information that floods us every day is drowning out your gut feelings or that voice of reason in your head? More and more, people are turning their backs on technology and looking within themselves to find a solution to their problems; they are reconnecting with their own intuition.

Interior design can help with that through the creation of a safe, calm and inspirational space. It’s a powerful tool for peace in our homes, but also in our offices, schools, nursing homes and hotels, for example. After all, introspection should be possible anywhere, at any time.

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How interior design taps into intuition

Designers explore forms and textures that bring people back into contact with their intuition. Biophilic design is a favoured method. This trend draws inspiration from nature, involving the selection of soothing colours that are based on warm clay and earth tones complemented by natural greens.

Of course, this urge for a natural-looking environment doesn’t mean you should compromise on comfort. In fact, more and more designers opt for high-tech and durable materials, like LVT, to create a space that is both peaceful to the mind and comfortable for the body.


Explore the jungle of biophilic design

By creating a safe, calm and inspirational space, 
interior design reignites our intuition

Natural prints as a neutral canvas

Wood patterns, particularly in flooring solutions, are a foolproof way of integrating natural elements into any interior without going overboard.

A natural wood look forms a neutral base for a warm colour palette and surprising textures such as metallic accents. The end result is a space that keeps you grounded.

Combining different types and shades of wood keeps a space interesting without jeopardising the peaceful ambiance.

Rekindle your inner warmth with earth tones


As terra cotta is becoming increasingly popular among designers, orange has truly become the new black. Even better, it pairs perfectly with the warmth of light oak. These two warm shades complement each other and lift each other – and the space they’re in – to the next level.

Get back in touch with your gut feelings and trust your intuition.


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3 tips for intuitive interior design:

  • Tap into the peaceful quiet of the forest with natural wood patterns
  • Plants are your friends! They create a relaxing atmosphere and purify the air
  • Create a safe cocoon by using warm, earthen tones like orange or terra cotta